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v.98 - Cake vs. Pie 2: Winner Bake All Update Notes

Views 112033   Date 5/23/2011

v.98 - Cake vs. Pie 2: Winner Bake All Update Notes

New Events

Cake vs. Pie Town Battles

05.26.2011 – 06.28.2011
Requirement: Lv.10 or above
  • Cake vs. Pie is hosted in Henesys, Orbis, Magatia, and Leafre.
  • In these towns, you can find Cake Boss Daniel and Pie Lord Tiara. Talk to one of them once a day to be randomly assigned to the Cake faction or the Pie faction.
  • After being assigned to a team, collect either Cake Pieces or Pie Pieces and turn them in to your faction’s leader in order to fill up the meter in one of the four towns.
  • Cake Pieces and Pie Pieces are dropped by monsters, are tradable, and can be collected by members of either faction.
  • Once either faction fills a town’s meter to 100%, an invitation is sent out to all members of each faction to join the battle for control of that town.
  • The invitation will appear as a red envelope with gold trim above your character’s head.
  • You will not receive the invitation if you are in certain places, such as the Cash Shop or MTS.
  • After accepting the invitation, you will be sent to a waiting room, then when the timer runs down, everyone will be divided into team of up to five and sent to a battle field instance.
  • The teams are made regardless of if they are currently in a party or expedition, and when enough players are available, teams will be balanced by level.
  • The faction that fills up the meter first will be the attack team, and the other faction will be the defense team.
  • The battle map is optimized for the 1024 x 768 game resolution.
  • There is a daily ceasefire from 11pm to 12am to prepare for the faction assignments to be reset.

Attack Team
  • Destroy the barricade in the bottom right of the map. You can attack the barricade directly or use regular attacks on the Monster Summoning Sack in the top left in order to call forth hordes of monsters to attack the barricade for you.
  • You can also purchase a Summoning Sack in the Cash Shop which sends out a stream of several monsters when used—be aware that you cannot use another one of these until all the monsters summoned with the previous one are defeated.

Defense Team
  • Defend the barricade from the monsters summoned by the attack team.
  • As the barricade is damaged, it will occasionally drop icing pieces—these can be picked up and dropped in front of the red and blue machines behind the barricade.
  • The blue machine will create a small field of ice to slow down the monsters. The red machine will create a small field of fire to damage any monsters or characters that walk through it.
  • Keep an eye out for members of the Attack Team who might try to steal your icing pieces!
  • Additional monster defense can be acquired by using Mini Barricades, which can be purchased in the Cash Shop.
  • When you use a Mini Barricade, be aware that you cannot use another one until the previous one is destroyed.

After the battle
  • After the team battles are complete, talk to your faction leader in the exit room in order to receive the appropriate amount of 6th Anniversary Insignias and to return to town.
  • The faction that wins the most battles will gain control of the town where the battle was activated for one hour.
  • Controlling the town grants your faction a discount on many Use items sold in the town’s general store, and it grants your faction 10% bonus EXP when defeating monsters in the region of the controlled town.
  • If the battles result in a draw, then neither team will win insignias or control of the town.
  • Controlling the town also grants your faction access to Sweet Cake Hill by using the portal situated between Cake Boss Daniel and Pie Lord Tiara.
  • There are three mini dungeons that can be entered through Sweet Cake Hill:
    • Piece of Cake (Sweet Cake Hill 1, on the bottom tier) contains Lv.25 cake and pie monsters.
    • Bring ‘em On (Sweet Cake Hill 2, on the middle tier) contains Lv.40 cake and pie monsters.
    • Devil’s Food Cake (Sweet Cake Hill 3, on the top tier) contains Lv.70 cake and pie monsters.
  • All of the monsters at Sweet Cake Hill can drop dessert Use items.

6th Anniversary Insignias
  • 6th Anniversary Insignias can be exchanged for prizes from your faction’s leader in town.
  • The Cake vs. Pie Random Box can give Use items–including a chance to receive Unripe Onyx Apples–and there is also a chance to get a chair or a Cake vs. Pie Weapon.

    6th Anniversary Insignia Purchase List
    1 Cake vs. Pie Random Box 1 insignia
    10 Cake Elixirs 5 insignia
    Maple Gun 50 insignias
    Maple Knuckle 50 insignias
    Maple Bow 50 insignias
    Maple Katara 50 insignias
    Maple Sword 50 insignias
    Maple Claw 50 insignias
    Maple Staff 50 insignias
    Maple Crow 50 insignias
    Maple Duke Katara 60 insignias
    Maple Lama Staff 60 insignias
    Maple Wagner 60 insignias
    Maple Doom Singer 60 insignias
    Maple Storm Pistol 60 insignias
    Maple Storm Finger 60 insignias
    Maple Impaler 60 insignias
    Maple Kandayo 60 insignias
    Maple Soul Singer 60 insignias
    Maple Crossbow 60 insignias
    Maple Dragon Axe 60 insignias
    Maple Scorpio 60 insignias
    Maple Soul Searcher 60 insignias
    Clean Slate Scroll 5% 100 insignias
    Chaos Scroll 60% 125 insignias
    White Scroll 150 insignias
    Cake vs. Pie Weapon 175 insignias
    6th Anniversary Chair 200 insignias
    Law Officer 1 year 2-person mount coupon 300 insignias
    Blueberry Shoulder 350 insignias
    Strawberry Shoulder 400 insignias

Cake vs. Pie Bonus Boss Battles

05.26.2011 – 06.28.2011
Requirement: Lv.10 or above
  • At 15 minutes and at 45 minutes after every hour from 10 AM to 10 PM server time, an invitation will be sent to Cake and Pie faction members to participate in a battle against the opposing faction’s boss monster.
  • The invitation will appear as a green envelope above your character’s head.
  • You will not receive the invitation if you are in certain places, such as the Cash Shop or MTS.
  • After accepting the invitation, you will be divided into teams of up to ten and sent to a room to await the summoning of the boss monsters.
  • The boss monsters drop dessert Use items upon their defeat.

Ongoing Events

All 6th Anniversary events continue in v.98 until 06.14.2011.
  • Dual Raid: Balloon Hunt
  • 6th Anniversary Level Up Event
  • Maple Tree
  • 6th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Celebrate MapleStory’s 6th Anniversary!
  • MapleStory’s Family Loyalty Forever
See the v.97 - Jubilation Update Notes for details about these events.

Bug Fixes

  • Combat Orders no longer cancels Hex of the Beholder.
  • The game no longer crashes when using regular attacks while the Black Metus bow is equipped.
  • The multi-pet skill can now be obtained while using a Pie pet.
  • The 50 minute timer for normal Zakum has been implemented.
  • The 1 hour, 15 minute timer for normal Horntail has been implemented.

Known Issues

  • The Cake vs. Pie Weapon does not list its attack stat in its item description.
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