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v.112 - Renegades: Jett Update Notes

Views 378897   Date 6/26/2012

v.112 - Renegades: Jett Update Notes

Table of Contents

New Content

Updated Content

Resolved and Known Issues


New Content

1. Jett

Once a famed bounty hunter from the planet Cerberus, Jett is framed for killing the king of her planet. While escaping, her ship crash lands on Maple World. When she regains consciousness, she learns that her source of power, a gem named the Core, has been stolen by Burke, her former partner. Now she is chasing after Burke to find the Core and to regain her honor.

CLASS: Explorer (special)
EQUIPMENT TYPE: Pirate (medium defense)
ATTACK DISTANCE: Medium ranged
HP: Medium
MP: Medium
PRIMARY STAT: Dexterity (DEX) - needed for damage
SECONDARY STAT: Strength (STR) - needed for some equips

  • Although we refer to Jett with feminine pronouns outside of the game, you will have the option to play as a male or a female version of Jett in the game.
  • Jett has some required quests that need to be completed before she can go through her 4th job advancement. You’ll receive the first of these quests through the quest notifier (light bulb on the left side of the game window) at Lv.80.
  • She has numerous new skills that are unique to her, which use extraterrestrial technology to obliterate enemies.
  • At each job advancement, Jett will receive a unique gun that gives her bonus damage.
  • Jett has a special equip called the Core. This item grants stat bonuses and is equipped in what would normally be the equip slot for a shield. It cannot be unequipped until it is upgraded at the 4th job advancement, at which point it also gains hidden potential stats.
  • The Core was stolen by Burke, but Jett retains a fragment of it. This fragment can be upgraded at every job advancement, and each upgrade grows stronger as Jett levels up.
  • She has a special buff skill called Core Aura that can be shared with another character on the same account and in the same game world.
  • The Core Aura uses a variable buff system. The numeric value of each stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT) can be different for each Jett character, and the stats will randomly change after a certain interval of time.
  • When the Core Aura is shared with another character, the variable buffs given to that character may be different from those Jett is receiving. Each character’s Core Aura buffs will change randomly after a certain interval of time.
  • The rank of the Core Aura grows every ten levels from Lv.30-120.
  • Core Aura stats are not given until Jett reaches Lv.30.
  • See a full list of new skills here.

1.5 New Playable Class: Phantom (Coming 7/9)

2. Part-Time Job

  • Put your characters to work while you aren’t logged into them.
  • Click the Part-Time Job button on the top-right of the login screen to begin.
  • Your characters can be put to work to receive EXP or a variety of types of in-game items.
  • Characters Lv.30 and higher are eligible.
  • Characters can be assigned part-time jobs for up to 6 hours. Depending on how long your character “worked”, you get better normal rewards and the chance of obtaining special rewards increases.
  • If you want to play using characters that are doing part-time jobs, you must remove them from the part-time job status.
  • Payment for each part-time job can be received from NPC Ms. Appropriation, who is in most major towns.
  • There are five types of part-time jobs available. You can assign them to up to 3 characters and receive a reward after a set time.
  • Types of Part-Time Jobs and rewards are as follows:
Rest Allow character to get a sufficient amount of rest. You can receive various buffs that will aid you in battle. As a special reward, you can receive additional EXP benefit.
Herbalism You can obtain various herbs. As a special reward, you care obtain rare recipes. Have a character that learned the Herbalism profession participate to receive better rewards.
Mining You can receive various ores needed for equipment forging. As a special reward, you can receive rare equipment/accessory recipes. Have a character that learned the Mining profession participate to receive better rewards.
General Store You obtain various potion-type items. As a special reward, you can receive various scrolls.
Weapon/Armor You can obtain various potions and other consumable items. You can obtain equipment items at random.

3. Character Card System

  • One character card will be created for each character you have that is at least Lv.30 and has made the 2nd job advancement.
  • Each card has unique attributes based on character type and job, and card grade.
  • Place the character cards on the card deck and their effects will be applied on all characters in the same world within the account.
  • Each deck has 3 card slots. A total of 2 decks are provided.
  • Combine 3 cards in a deck to trigger special deck effects.
  • Cards cannot be shared with your characters in other worlds.
  • The grade of each card is determined based on character level.

  • Cygnus Knights can obtain up to grade A.
  • Click the “Character Card” button on the top-right of the login screen to begin.
  • Card properties listed below are based on the grade of a card. For example, a card for a Lv.40 Fighter will grant 2% Weapon DEF, but further up this job branch, a card for a Lv.160 Hero will grant 4% Weapon DEF.
    • JobCard Properties
      HeroWeapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
      PaladinWeapon ATT +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
      Dark KnightMax HP +2/3/4/5%
      Fire/PoisonMax MP +2/3/4/5%
      Ice/LightningM. ATT +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
      BishopMP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
      Bow MasterAccuracy +2/4/6/8%
      MarksmanCrit chance +1/2/3/4%
      Night LordJump +2/3/4/5%
      ShadowerMovement Speed +2/3/4/5%
      Dual BladeAvoidability +2/3/4/5%
      BuccaneerBonus damage +2/3/4/5 per character level
      CaptainSummon duration +4/6/8/10%
      CannoneerDeath EXP loss -2/3/4/5%
      JettSummon creature’s duration +2/4/8/10%
      Demon SlayerAbnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4%
      Battle MageDamage when hit -2/3/4/5%
      Wild Hunter0.5/1/1.5/2% chance to instant kill (bosses excluded)
      MechanicBuff duration +5/10/15/20%
      Aran70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max HP on successful hit
      Evan70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max MP on successful hit
      MercedesSkill cooldown -2/3/4/5%
      PhantomMeso acquisition +1/2/3/4%
      Dawn WarriorWeapon DEF +2/3%
      Blaze Wizard+0.5/1 skill M. ATT per character level
      Wind ArcherAccuracy +2/4%
      Night WalkerAvoidability +2/3%
      Thunder BreakerBonus damage per character level

      • You can obtain bonus benefits when you equip all 3 character cards to a deck and the card's combination activation condition matches one of these:
        • Deck NameActivation ConditionBonus Effect
          Powerful Charge3 Warrior Cards4/6/8/10% of Max HP bonus damage
          Magical Storm3 Magician Cards4/6/8/10% of Max MP bonus damage
          Pinpoint Aim3 Bowman CardsFinal Attack type damage +1/2/3/4%
          Weak Point Targeting3 Thief CardsMax critical damage +1/2/3/4%
          Pirate's Way3 Pirate CardsIgnore 2/4/6/8% DEF
          Free Spirit3 Explorer CardsALL STAT 2/5/7/10
          Honor of Cygnus3 Cygnus CardsALL STAT 2/5
          The Glorious Return3 Hero CardsALL STAT 2/5/7/10
          Blaze of Resistance3 Resistance CardsALL STAT 2/5/7/10
          Warrior's First Step3 Rank B CardsHP 300, MP 300
          Warrior's Growth3 Rank A Cards+500 HP, 500 MP, 1 ATT, 1 M. ATT
          Warrior's Feat3 Rank S Cards+ 700 HP, 700 MP, 3 ATT, 3 M. ATT, Boss ATT 3%
          Completed Warrior3 Rank SS Cards+ 1000 HP, 1000 MP, 5 ATT, 5 M. ATT, Boss ATT 5%

          4. Navigation System

          • Need some help getting around? Click a map icon on the world map, then click “Enable Navigation.” An arrow directing you where to go will appear next to your character until you reach your chosen destination.
          • If you enter a map that doesn’t have an icon on the world map, the navigation arrow will switch off. You will have to manually re-enable it when returning to a main map.
          • When doing a quest, click on “Location” button at the bottom of the Quest window to auto-search items needed for the quest and information on pertinent monsters, and then view them on the world map. Upon viewing the results of the search, use the “Enable Navigation” button to use the feature, as mentioned above.
          • The Navigation feature is not provided for special maps such as event maps, hidden streets, and certain other maps that have restrictions.

          5. Level-Up Guide

          • This new menu recommends quests, hunting grounds, and other content based on your level.
          • The Navigation system can be activated for some of the recommended content.
          • Detailed explanations are included for recommended content.

          6. New Weapons

          • Several Cash Shop weapon covers have been converted into in-game weapons. These items range from Lv.53-123, and can be found as rare drops from monsters throughout Maple World.
          • For a limited time, you can also have a chance to obtain the Lv.53-93 ones of these items from the Gachapon.

          Updated Content

          7. Thief Class Rebalance

          • The Thief class has been rebalanced to be more powerful, and new skills have been added for them.
          • Thieves and Night Walkers should check the event notifier (star icon) on the left side of the screen for a quest to receive a free SP Reset Scroll. This scroll will reset all of your assigned SP except for those in your Beginner skill tab.
          • Night Walkers will receive a pop-up message from the Maple Administrator upon login to receive their free SP Reset Scroll. Newly created Night Walkers will need to relog to receive the message.
          • See a full list of skill changes here.

          8. Other Class Rebalances

          • Numerous classes have had adjustments made to their skills to keep each class competitive with the others at all job tiers.
          • All Pirate class skill macros have been reset to prevent conflicts with updated game data. Please re-register your skills again.
          • See a full list of skill changes here.

          9. Boss Content

          • The following boss monster expeditions have been changed to instance dungeons where multiple groups can enter different instances at once.
            • Normal Zakum
            • Normal Horntail
            • Von Leon
          • Item drop rates of instance dungeon bosses have been adjusted.
          • The Lord Balrog expedition has been updated to make it more accessible to a larger number of players.
            • You can enter the expedition in any channel now.
            • Expeditions must have 1-6 people, all Lv.45 or higher.
            • You can now choose which scroll you want when you trade in Balrog’s Leather Pieces.
          • The event period to buy upgraded Von Leon weapons (purchasable through NPC Murt) has been extended to run throughout v.112.

          10. Party Quests/Competitive Content

          • The following party quests and competitive content have had their level requirements raised.
            • Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake (Lv.50 or above)
            • First Time Together (Lv.50 or above)
            • Dimensional Schism (Lv.50 or above)
            • The Ice Knight’s Curse (Lv.50 or above)
          • The following competitive content have had their level requirements raised:
            • Monster Carnival (Lv.80 or above)
            • Sea of Fog Ghost Ship (Lv.120 – 159)
          • The stats of some of the rewards for Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake and First Time Together have been adjusted. The stats of existing versions of these items will remain unchanged.
            • Moon Bunny: Rice Cake on Top of My Head
              REQ LV: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +40, 7 slots unhammered
            • Moon Bunny: Tow Rice Cakes on Top of My Head
              REQ LV: 40, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, HP +70, 7 slots unhammered
            • First Time Together: Squishy Shoes
              REQ LV: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +15, Speed +3, 5 slots unhammered
          • The Construction Site PQ (also known as "Mr. Lim and the Subway") has been closed.

          11. Monster Park

          • The level minimum has been raised.
          • The HP of monsters in the park has been significantly lowered, making them easier to take on.
          • The 3 types of ticket pieces will now be dropped by the normal monsters of following levels:
            • Zebra Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.50 – 94
            • Leopard Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.125 – 159
            • Tiger Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.160 and higher
          • You can enter five times per day.
          • The dungeons that can be entered have been changed.
          • <Zebra Stripe Ticket>
            • Temple of Darkness (Lv.60 - 69)
            • Witch Snowfield (Lv.70 - 79)
            • Silent Sea (Lv.75 - 84)
            • Black Mountain Hill (Lv.80 - 89)
            • Gray's Hideout (Lv.85 - 94)
          • <Leopard Stripe Ticket>
            • Auto Security Area (Lv.135 - 144)
            • Mossy Tree Forest (Lv.140 - 149)
            • Sky Forest Training Center (Lv.145 - 154)
            • Forbidden Time (Lv.150 - 159)
            • Ruined City (Lv.155 - 164)
          • <Tiger Stripe Ticket>
            • Dead Tree Forest (Lv.160 - 169)
            • Watchman's Tower (Lv.165 - 174)
            • Dragon Nest (Lv.170 - 179)
            • Temple of Oblivion (Lv.175 - 184)
            • Knight Stronghold (Lv.180 - 200)

          12. Neo City

          • Travel to the future in the revamped Neo City area to experience new quests and receive new rewards.
          • The quests are now for characters Lv.125 and higher.
          • Several quests have been replaced with new ones.
          • The quests still begin through NPC Andy in Tera Forest. The quest "Mysterious Wanderer" will automatically appear in your quest notifier when you reach Lv.125.
          • The area has been modified to flow more like existing theme dungeons.
          • A new Master Monster named “Puso” has been added.
          • You can fight the boss in each region only up to 20 times per day.
          • Upon defeating Nibelung in Year 2503 and completing <Nibelung’s Song> quest, you will be moved to the first map of Year 2503 as with other regions.
          • If Time Traveler’s Pocket Watch is in your possession, you can return it to Andy even after completing <Time Diver> quest.
          • The quest <Puso, the Tyrant of Time> cannot be forfeited.
          • The following three quests are repeatable:
            • Focusing on the Enemy First: Lv. 125, Captain Edmond (Year 2099)
            • It’s Not Safe Yet: Lv. 125, Bao (Year 2215)
            • Rescue Mission Begins: Lv. 125, Isabella (Year 2216)
          • Andy’s Mastery Book
            • Reward item received upon completing Neo City quests. Use to receive Lv. 30 Mastery Book that can be used by your job (Maple Warrior excluded).
            • Obtained upon completing Returned Time.
            • Untradeable
          • Time Traveler’s Laurel
            • The stats have increased compared to its previous version. It has hidden potential, and it is automatically is of Epic potential tier upon using a Magnifying Glass. Characters who had the old version of the item before can do the new quests to obtain the newer version.
            • Obtained upon completing Nibelung’s Song.
            • New stats: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, Max HP/MP +200, Weapon/Magic DEF +200, ACC +400, AVOID +100. 7 upgrade slots, unhammered. One-of-a-kind item, untradeable.
          • Neo City Time Traveler medal
            • Upon completing all Neo City quests, you can do the quest to receive the medal from Andy.
            • Obtain upon completing Title – One Who Traveled Through Time.
            • Stats: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +6, Max HP/MP +400, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, ACC/AVOID +200. One-of-a-kind item, untradeable.
          • Attack Scroll for Time Traveler's Laurel
            • A scroll that can exclusively be used for the Time Traveler’s Laurel has been added.
            • Obtain rare Temporal Sand from Neo City monsters and Puso, and then exchange 10 of them for the scroll from Andy.
            • Only one can be obtained per character.
            • Untradeable
            • Improves Weapon/Magic ATT on Time Traveler's Laurel. Success Rate: 100%, Weapon ATT +1, Magic ATT +1
          • Chaos Scroll
            • Exchange 30 Temporal Sands for one of these from Andy.
            • Untradeable
          • Miraculous Chaos Scroll
            • Exchange 100 Temporal Sands for one of these from Andy.
            • Only one can be obtained per character.
            • Untradeable

          13. Battle Square

          Battle Mode has been put on hiatus.

          • You will not be able to enter Battle Square.
          • Character currently in Battle Square will be able to leave.
          • You can exchange Battle Points (BP) for Gallant Emblems with NPC Maximus.
          • Gallant Emblems are now rare drops from monsters Lv.70 and higher.
          • The items formerly sold for Gallant Emblems by NPC Larson are now sold by NPC Inkwell.
          • PvP-related quests can no longer be done.

          14. NPCs

          • Kriel the Fairy in Orbis has moved to <Front of Orbis General Store>.
          • Ronnie in Ellinia has moved to <Sleepywood Silent Swamp>.
          • Assistant Cheng in Ludibrium has moved to <Ludibrium Terrace Hall>.
          • Ghosthunter Bob in Ludibrium has moved to <Ludibrium Path of Time>.

          15. Monsters

          The levels of monsters in Sleepywood Dungeon have decreased.

          • Lv.43 Copper Drake
          • Lv.44 Drake
          • Lv.45 Red Drake
          • Lv.46 Ice Drake
          • Lv.47 Dark Drake
          • Lv.48 Wild Kargo
          • Lv.49 Tauromacis
          • Lv.50 Taurospear
          • Lv.52 Jr. Balrog

          The levels of most monsters in Orbis have increased.

          • Lv.49 Jr. Cellion
          • Lv.49 Jr. Lioner
          • Lv.49 Jr. Grupin
          • Lv.50 Star Pixie
          • Lv.52 Lunar Pixie
          • Lv.54 Luster Pixie
          • Lv.51 Nependeath
          • Lv.53 Dark Nependeath
          • Lv.55 Cellion
          • Lv.55 Lioner
          • Lv.55 Grupin
          • Lv.56 Jr. Lucida
          • Lv.58 Lucida

          The levels of most monsters in Ludibrium have increased (monsters in the lower floors of the Clock Tower are not effected).

          • Lv.63 Brown Teddy
          • Lv.64 Pink Teddy
          • Lv.65 Panda Teddy
          • Lv.66 Roloduck
          • Lv.67 Toy Trojan
          • Lv.68 Robo
          • Lv.69 Master Robo
          • Lv.70 Tick
          • Lv.71 Tick-Tock
          • Lv.53 Ratz
          • Lv.54 Black Ratz
          • Lv.55 Trixter
          • Lv.56 Green Trixter
          • Lv.57 Chirpy
          • Lv.57 Tweeter
          • Lv.58 Drumming Bunny
          • Lv.60 Bloctopus
          • Lv.62 Helly
          • Lv.63 Propelly
          • Lv.64 Planey
          • Lv.65 King Bloctopus
          • Lv.67 Block Golem
          • Lv.69 King Block Golem
          • Lv.53 Retz

          The levels of most monsters in Omega Sector have increased.

          • Lv.73 Mateon
          • Lv.74 Plateon
          • Lv.75 Mecateon
          • Lv.76 MT-09
          • Lv.77 Barnard Gray
          • Lv.78 Zeta Gray
          • Lv.79 Ultra Gray
          • Lv.80 Chief Gray
          • Lv.82 Zeno

          16. Quests

          • Some of the quests in Sleepywood, Orbis, El Nath, Ludibrium, and Omega Sector have been changed.
          • Level requirement, completion requirements, and rewards have been changed for these quests.
          • New quests have been added to Sleepywood.
            • Ilji’s Request: Lv.43, Ilji
            • Lost Bag: Lv.43, Gwin
            • Dangerous Being: Lv.43, Gwin
            • Gwin the Adventurer: Lv.43, Gwin
          • New quests have been added to Ludibrium.
            • Manager Karl's Mistake: Lv.65, Manager Karl
            • Clock of Nightmare: L.v68, Granda Clock
            • Delivering Repair Equipment: Lv.65, Manager Karl
            • Don’t Be Fooled By Cute Looks: Lv.60, Assistant Cheng
            • Toys for Kids: Lv.63, Assistant Cheng
            • Toy Horses Go Berserk: Lv.65, Assistant Cheng
          • A quest for the new Level-Up Guide has been added.
            • Try Out Level-Up Guide!: Maple Administrator

          17. Miscellaneous

          • The default attack speed has been increased.
          • The character select menu has been updated so you can now see up to eight of your characters in a world per page. The Part-Time Job system and the Character Card system have also been added to this updated menu.
          • The interface of the quest log has been improved with more options to help you find quests close to you and to more readily see the starting level for available quests.
            • Click the “View Current Area” button and only the quests for the region in which you currently are will be displayed on the list.
            • The level at which you can start each quest will appear to the left of the quest name in the quest list.
            • Certain quest regions have been further subdivided. Quests in Ludus Lake will now be divided under the following categories: Ludibrium, Korean Folk Town, and Omega Sector.
          • Breakable/hittable reactors can now be hit with skills in addition to normal attacks.

          Resolved and Known Issues

          18. Fixes

          • Please see this post for a list of fixes for this update.

          19. Known Issues

          • Please see this post for a list of known issues for this update.


          20. Skill List

          Between our new class Jett, the Thief revamp, and various class rebalancing, a full list of new, changed and removed skills was just too long! Instead, you can see it in a separate post here.

          21. Events

          The Renegades: Jett Update contains a ton of fun events! You can check out the full list here.

          22. Event Notes Part 2

          With the release of Phantom, new events are coming! Check them out here.

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