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Evolving Pets

Views 125617   Date 8/5/2009

Now you can get a new type of pet - one that evolves as you nurture it from a baby to a full-grown adult! Helping your pet grow requires dedication, care, and hard work. Can you handle the responsibility of bringing up an animal in the dangerous and exciting world of MapleStory?

Stages of Evolution

Purchase the "egg" from the Cash Shop, and place it into your inventory. Spend time with your baby pet and get close to it just like you would with a regular pet. You can purchase a Dragon Egg or a Robo.

When your baby Dragon or Robo reaches level 15 (and a minimum of 1,642 in Closeness), a new quest called "The Evolution of a Pet, Part 1" will become available and appear in the Quest Window. Meet with Garnox, the Pet Scientist, to start the quest to evolve your pet.

After completing the first part of the quest, return to Garnox with 10,000 mesos and The Rock of Evolution (available in the Pet > Pet Use category of the Cash Shop). He'll transform your baby Dragon or Robo into its majestic adult form. Your Dragon or Robo will evolve into a vivacious creature with a striking color, and if you're lucky, may possibly transform into the extremely rare Black Dragon or Gorilla Robo!

If you are not satisfied with your pet Dragon's or Robo's new color, you may purchase another Rock of Evolution from the Cash Shop and repeat the quest to attempt another color change for your pet (new color is randomly selected). You may repeat this process as many times as necessary until you receive the color you wish!

May your Dragon or Robo grow strong!

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