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Perfect Innocence and Guardian Scrolls

Views 45226   Date 8/7/2012

Perfect Innocence Scroll

Perfect Innocence Scroll9,900 NX

The Perfect Innocence Scroll has a 100% rate of success, and resets ALL upgrades EXCEPT potentials. This includes:

  • Number of Upgrades Available
  • Number of Hammers Applied
  • Enhancements Applied
  • Any evolution or growth (returns the item to its pre-evolution/pre-growth stages)

However, this scroll cannot be used on Nebulite-infused items. For anything else, this is the perfect way to give your beloved item a new beginning!

Guardian Scrolls

Guardian Scroll3,000 NX
Guardian Scroll (11)30,000 NX

Guardian Scrolls keep your scroll from being destroyed if a scrolling attempt fails.

To use:

  • Drag and drop a Guardian Scroll onto the equipped item before scrolling it.
  • Guardian Scrolls will be used up regardless of whether the upgrade scroll was successful.
  • Guarding Scrolls can be used with Shielding Wards and Shield Scrolls to triple-secure your investment. Check out the details here!
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