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Surprise Style Box Items List

Views 110072   Date 10/10/2012

Prize list updated on October 31, 2012 at 6 AM Pacific. Located in the Event Tab > Event Section in the Cash Shop.

The Surprise Style Box is always prepared to thrill you with new styles! Grab a box and tear it open to find a random decorative item.

Surprise Style Box (1) 2,100 NX
Surprise Style Box (11) 21,000 NX

How does this work?

  • Each Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative item, including:
    • New styles exclusive to the Surprise Style Box
    • Permanent versions of current decorative items
    • 45-day versions of existing decorative items
  • Unwanted items can be traded in for a Surprise Style Stamp or with other players through the Cash Item Trade window. (Right-click on a character to see the menu!)
  • Collect 20 Surprise Style Stamps to get 1 Mystical Surprise Style Box, which contains exclusive limited-time items!

Get ALL the details about how to use Surprise Style Boxes!

Which items are exclusive to the Surprise Style Box?

Gray Cat Hood Yellow Cat Hood
Gray Bell Robe Yellow Bell Robe
Dainty Hat Dainty Cape
Ebony Pimpernel Cape Ebony Pimpernel Boots
Ebony Pimpernel Hat Belt Coat
Lemon Shooting Star Ring Pitch Dark Outfit
Magic Hat

Which items are exclusive to the Mystical Surprise Style Box?

Tomato Ring Lost Baby Chick
Knit Flower Hairband Sausage Ring
Sausage Hat Sausage Outfit
Pimp Stick Pimp Chalice

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