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Potion Pot

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Potion Pot

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700 NX

The Potion Pot makes staying alive on the battlefield a cinch by storing all of your HP and MP consumable items for quick and efficient use! No more tracking your HP and MP individually or calculating how many potions you need to chug to get back to full health; the Potion Pot does all that for you! Due to its large capacity, it also frees up valuable inventory space, giving you more room for items.

Charging the Pot

The Potion Pot is empty when you first receive it, so you’ll have to charge it up before use. Right-click the pot to open the genie window then simply drag and drop HP and MP recovery items into the window! The Potion Pot accepts HP Potions, MP Potions, and other consumable items that refill HP or MP. You can even set it to automatically charge whenever you pick up a compatible item!

When the Autofill option is checked, restorative items that you pick up from the ground will automatically be applied to your Potion Pot. If you pick up a restorative item that will fill your Potion Pot beyond its max capacity, that restorative item will instead be placed in your inventory.

The Elixir option allows your Potion Pot to discern between certain restorative items while Autofill is active. When this option is checked, restorative items that replenish a percentage of your HP and/or MP will be applied to your Potion Pot when you pick them up off the ground. Deselect this option to put percentage based restorative items in your item inventory instead of in your Potion Pot.

The amount of HP and MP placed in your Potion Pot by percentage based restorative items is based on your current HP and MP. For example, a normal Elixir restores 50% of both your HP and MP. If you currently have 5,000 HP and 2,500 MP and place an Elixir in your Potion Pot, 2,500 HP and 1,250 MP will be placed in the pot.

Using the Pot

The Potion Pot can be placed on a quickslot or even on your pet’s Auto HP / Auto MP Potion Pouch!

Every time you use the pot, it’ll fill your HP and MP completely without wasting a drop of potion. Here’s an example:

Your Potion Pot is fully charged, and your HP is currently 5,000/10,000. Your MP is 2500/5,000. You use your Potion Pot, and your HP and MP are both instantly refilled. Now, your Potion Pot has 995,000 HP and 997,500 MP. You’ve restored yourself to perfect condition with a single keystroke! If the Potion Pot doesn’t have enough HP and MP to fill your character to max, it will use all remaining HP and MP.


The Potion Pot starts out with a 1,000,000 HP, and 1,000,000 MP capacity, and that can be upgraded all the way to 9,000,000 with Pot Embiggeners. The HP and MP capacity of your Potion Pot will each increase by 1,000,000 with every Pot Embiggener applied, until you reach maximum capacity.

Regular price:
1,200 NX

Cleaning the Pot

The Potion Pot will remain in your inventory permanently, but all that oxidized potion residue does tend to cause rust after 30 days, making the pot unusable. In order to keep using your pot after it rusts, you’ll have to use a Rust Remover to clean it out. Each Rust Remover will keep the Potion Pot clean for a full 30 days, and your Potion Pot will retain its capacity from any Pot Embiggeners applied to it.

Regular price:
1,000 NX
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