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In addition to showing your affection and being a special event, getting married in MapleStory gives you access to wedding rings with stats to make you tougher, a special chat option with your spouse, and the Amoria Party Quest, in which you can obtain Onyx Apples that grant a powerful buff when eaten. The Amoria Party Quest requires six married characters and is accessed through Amos the Strong in Amos' Hunting Ground, on the island of Amoria.

Wedding Tickets

Wedding tickets can be found in the Character Modifications > Wedding category in the Cash Shop.

Small Wedding Coupon
Regular price:
5,000 NX

Have a small, intimate wedding in the chapel with this ticket. Both the bride and groom can invite 5 guests each. When the ceremony is complete, exchange your engagement ring with Jacob to receive a 1 Carat Wedding Ring.

Grand Wedding Coupon
Regular price:
7,500 NX

Have a grand wedding in the Cathedral with this ticket. Both the bride and groom can invite 15 guests each. When the ceremony is complete, exchange your engagement ring with Jacob to receive a 2 Carat Wedding Ring.

Premium Wedding Coupon
Regular price:
10,000 NX

Have a royal wedding in the Cathedral with this ticket. Both the bride and groom can invite 30 guests each. When the ceremony is complete, exchange your engagement ring with Jacob to receive a 3 Carat Wedding Ring and can enjoy a premium hunting map.

House Wedding Ticket
Regular price:
5,000 NX

This ticket will give you and your loved ones a simple wedding in a small wedding hall. Double-click on this in the new wedding park to propose. The bride and groom will receive an Eternal Wedding Ring after the wedding.

Commitment Ceremony Ticket
Regular price:
2,000 NX

This ticket is necessary to celebrate 30-day and 100-day commitment ceremonies.

Weddings Details


The first thing to be aware of is that all wedding arrangements and the ceremony itself will take place in the special town of Amoria. To reach Amoria, simply talk to Thomas Swift in the town of Henesys.

The Engagement

  1. To start the wedding process, you’ll need to purchase an engagement ring from Moony in Amoria.
  2. Moony still offers the same selection of engagement rings: Moon Stone, Shining Star, Gold Heart, and Silver Wing.
  3. Engagement rings are now priced in mesos and the former requirement to collect and turn in certain items has been removed.
  4. Engagement rings may be sold back to Moony before you finalize your engagement.
  5. Once you’re together with your beloved, just double-click the engagement ring and enter the player's name to propose!

Pre-Wedding Planning

To start the planning process, you must first form a party with your fiancée.

To continue the planning:
  1. Purchase the wedding coupon of your choice from the Cash Shop.
  2. For a Small, Grand, or Premium wedding, make a reservation with either the chapel or cathedral wedding coordinator.
  3. Make a gift wish list. This will be made available to your guests.
  4. Wedding invitations will appear in the Etc section of your inventory. To invite a guest, double-click an invitation and choose someone to send it to!

The Big Day

  1. For cathedral weddings, the bride-to-be must sign a commitment document.
    1. Talk to High Priest John.
    2. Talk to Gary and Shatima to sign a commitment document.
    3. The bride-to be must then talk to High Priest John again.
  2. The next step is to pay your wedding hall fee. For chapel weddings, speak with the chapel staff. For cathedral weddings, speak to the wedding assistant.
  3. To enter the wedding, invited guests can either talk to the wedding assistant or double-click the invitation in the Etc tab of their item inventory.
  4. Invited guests arrive on a map where they can give items to the bride and groom, buy bridesmaids' dresses or groomsmen's suits, and then enter and leave the wedding.
  5. Talk to the assistant in the wedding hall to begin the wedding ceremony.
  6. After your ceremony is over, you can speak to the photo specialist to move the party to the photo area. Note that this area has a timer on it. After the timer hits zero, you will automatically leave the photo area. Parties in a premium wedding will then go to a special hunting map.
  7. Talk to Jacob in Amoria to exchange your engagement rings for wedding rings.

Commitment Ceremonies

And they said it wouldn’t last! Celebrate the continued success of your union with special 30 and 100-day commitment ceremonies.

30 days after your marriage date, you will receive a letter from Ames the Wise. You will receive a similar letter at the 100-day mark. When you receive your letter, you can participate in the 30 or 100-day Commitment ceremony.

  1. Click on your letter. It will notify you that 30 or 100 days have passed since your marriage, and you are now eligible to participate in a Commitment Ceremony with your spouse.
  2. Accept and visit Ames the Wise in Amoria.
  3. Purchase a Commitment Ceremony Coupon in the Cash Shop.
  4. Form a party with your spouse and make a Commitment Ceremony reservation through NPC Victoria.
  5. Talk to Assistant Nicole and you will be moved to the commitment room where your wedding ring will change to a 30 Day Wedding Ring or a Promised Ring.
  6. You will receive other items after the bride and groom sign the love commitments and exchange rings.


Sadly, love between Maplers does not always work out. To annul your marriage, pay a meso fee to Pila Present in Amoria. You'll have four days to work things out and change your mind before the annulment is processed.

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