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Cube Comparison Chart

Views 17407   Date 2/27/2014

Cubes can reset and upgrade the potentials on your items to make them more powerful. Each type of cube has different capabilities and chances of success, so we’ve crafted a handy table to help you compare the benefits!

You can purchase the Cubes from the Cash Shop for:

Red Cube (1)
Red Cube (11)
1,200 NX
12,000 NX
Black Cube (1)
Black Cube (11)
2,200 NX
22,000 NX

Or you can craft these Cubes through Smithing:

Master Craftsman's Cube
Meister's Cube

What's the Potential System?
  • A potential is a special type of bonus attribute on a piece of equipment. You will occasionally find equipment with unidentified bonus attributes; these equips will have a label on them saying "Hidden Potential Item." Click on the Magnifying Glass button in the item window to identify the potential on those items. Tiers include: Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary, with Legendary being the most powerful. Higher tiered items will have better potential powers.
  • You can get items with hidden potential on them as drops from monsters, from event rewards or coin shops, or if you transform them yourself using a Potential Scroll or Tim's Secret Lab. If items with potential are fused, the resulting item will also contain potential.

Want more information on Potentials? Check out the guide here!

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