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Cube Comparison Chart

Views 24501   Date 2/27/2014

Cubes can reset and upgrade the potentials on your items to make them more powerful. Each type of cube has different capabilities and chances of success, so we’ve crafted a handy table to help you compare the benefits!

You can purchase the Cubes from the Cash Shop for:

Red Cube (1)
Red Cube (11)
1,200 NX
12,000 NX
Black Cube (1)
Black Cube (11)
2,200 NX
22,000 NX
Bonus Potential Cube (1)
Bonus Potential Cube (11)
2,400 NX
24,000 NX

Or you can craft these Cubes through Smithing:

Master Craftsman's Cube
Meister's Cube

What's the Potential System?
  • A potential is a special type of bonus attribute on a piece of equipment. You will occasionally find equipment with unidentified bonus attributes; these equips will have a label on them saying "Hidden Potential Item." Click on the Magnifying Glass button in the item window to identify the potential on those items. Tiers include: Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary, with Legendary being the most powerful. Higher tiered items will have better potential powers.
  • You can get items with hidden potential on them as drops from monsters, from event rewards or coin shops, or if you transform them yourself using a Potential Scroll you collected from a monster, event, or other player, or purchased from the Cash Shop. If items with potential are fused, the resulting item will also contain potential.

Want more information on Potentials? Check out the guide here!

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