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Red Cube

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Red Cube

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1,200 NX (1)
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Red Cubes are used to reset revealed Potential stats on equipment items. Items with hidden Potential on them are most commonly obtained as drops from monsters, from event rewards or coin shops, if you transform them yourself using a Potential Scroll or Tim's Secret Lab, or if items with Potential are fused. Each Red Cube can only be used once. This item can be found in the Equipment Modifications > Miracle Cubes category in the Cash Shop.

Here's how to use a Red Cube:

  1. Obtain an item that has revealed Potential stats.

  2. Enter the Cash Shop and purchase a Red Cube (or a bundle thereof).
  3. Double-click the Red Cube in your Cash Inventory to move it to your item inventory, then exit the Cash Shop.
  4. Double-click the Red Cube in the Cash tab of your item inventory, and then click on the item with revealed Potential.

  5. Click ‘OK’ to accept the meso fee and use the Red Cube.

  6. The item’s Potential stats will be reset.

  7. The item's new Potential stats have been applied!

As a bonus, you will receive a Red Cube Fragment in the Use tab of your item inventory. After you collect 10 of these, double-click them to obtain an Advanced Potential Scroll, or combine 20 to earn a Perfect Awakening Stamp.

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