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Traveling Merchant

Views 6151   Date 3/25/2014

Traveling Merchant

Regular price:
400 NX (1 day)
1,000 NX (30 day)

The Traveling Merchant is a store you can take anywhere! Like other general stores, it has a variety of restorative items and other items available for purchase. You can access it from most maps and you can use it for an unlimited amount of times until it expires.

This item can be found in the Time Savers> Item Stores category in the Cash Shop.

Here are the items in the store:

White Potion96 Mesos
Mana Elixir186 Mesos
Warrior Elixir5,000 Mesos
Wizard Elixir5,000 Mesos
Mana Bull2,800 Mesos
Honster2,800 Mesos
Ginger Ale3,800 Mesos
Sorcerer Elixir1,500 Mesos
Barbarian Elixir1,500 Mesos
Melting Cheese4,500 Mesos
Reindeer Milk5,600 Mesos
Sunrise Dew8,100 Mesos
Sunset Dew10,200 Mesos
Return Scroll - Nearest Town400 Mesos
Antidote200 Mesos
Eyedrop200 Mesos
Tonic300 Mesos
Holy Water500 Mesos
All Cure Potion4,000 Mesos
Arrow for Bow (2,000)1,400 Mesos
Red Arrow for Bow (1,000)40,000 Mesos
Arrow for Crossbow (2,000)1,400 Mesos
Blue Arrow for Crossbow (1,000)40,000 Mesos
Pet Food30 Mesos
Mastery Book 207,000,000 Mesos
Mastery Book 3010,000,000 Mesos
Alien Socket Creator5,000 Mesos
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