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Android Shop

Views 11519   Date 3/25/2014

Android Shop

Regular price:
3,500 NX (90 days)

Android Shops are stores that come with Androids! The Succubus Android Shop comes with the Succubus Android, and the Orchiroid Android Shop comes with the Orchiroid Android. Androids can be obtained from an Android Coupon. Like other general stores, Android Shops have a variety of restorative items and more available for purchase. You can access the Android Shop from most maps and you can use it for an unlimited amount of time until your Android expires.

When the Android Coupon is available for purchase, it can be found in the Special Promotions > Limited Time Specials category in the Cash Shop.

You can access the Android Shop while your Android is equipped by clicking on the "AD" tab of the "Equipment Inventory" window, and then click on the "Shop" button on the upper right. You can also double-click your summoned Android to open the shop.

Here are the items in the shop:

White Potion96 Mesos
Mana Elixir186 Mesos
Pure Water1,155 Mesos
Ice Cream Pop2,300 Mesos
Very Special Sundae4,000 Mesos
Melting Cheese4,500 Mesos
Reindeer Milk5,600 Mesos
Sunrise Dew8,100 Mesos
Sunset Dew10,200 Mesos
Warrior Pill500 Mesos
Magic Pill500 Mesos
Dexterity Pill500 Mesos
Speed Pill500 Mesos
Antidote200 Mesos
Eyedrop200 Mesos
Tonic300 Mesos
Holy Water500 Mesos
Arrow for Bow1,400 Mesos
Arrow for Crossbow1,400 Mesos
Return Scroll - Nearest Town400 Mesos
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