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Royal Hair & Face List: 7/25 to 8/7

Views 44960   Date 7/24/2012

List effective from July 25 to August 7

You know the feeling you get when your hair just cooperates? That’s the feeling you’ll get with the new Practical Hair and Flyaway Fringe Hair for ladies and Fop Wave Hair and Sweep Back Hair for men! But if your character is in need of a more drastic overhaul, we’ve also got two new glamorous faces: the majestic Cygnus Face for girls and the sage Neinheart Face for guys. Royal indeed!

Royal Hair Coupon (1) 3,300 NX
Royal Hair Coupon (11) 33,000 NX
Royal Face Coupon (1) 3,300 NX
Royal Face Coupon (11) 33,000 NX

Just take your Royal Hair Coupon to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, and your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get your new styles!

Tip: Did you know that you can preview the Royal styles by double clicking on the Royal Hair or Face Coupon in the Cash Shop? Go check it out right now!

Full Royal Hair List


Bed Head Hair Spiky Bangs Neinheart Hair Over Grown Hair
Prince Cut Player Hair Sun Bleached Flame Hair
Fop Wave Hair Wild Man Hair Angel Hair Sweep Back Hair
One-Eye Cover Hair


Luscious Locks Spiral Curl Hair Kitty Hair Lively Waved
Hime Hair Moonlight Fairy Hair Wavy Ponytail Glamor Hair
Practical Hair Nymph Hair Spring Waltz Flyaway Fringe Hair
Double Duchess

Full Royal Face List


Arrogant Face Bad Mood Look Bright Eyes Male Evan Face
Cartoon Face Odd-Eyed Face Male Aran Face Piercing Gaze
Teary Eyes Neinheart Face


Bright Eyes Sulky Face Female Aran Face Pouty Face
Female Evan Face Odd Eye Piercing Gaze Odd-Eyed Face
Prim Face Cygnus Face
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