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Daily Deal 3/8 - Discounted Red and Black Cubes, and 70% Off Tim’s Secret Lab!

Views 18120   Date 3/6/2014

Who doesn't like a good deal when they see one? On March 8, we will be having a special deal on Red Cube Twelve Pack, Black Cube Twelve Pack, Red Cube (11), and Black Cube (11). Tim's Secret Lab will also be on sale at 70% off! You have until 11:59 PM Pacific (2:59 AM Eastern) on March 8 to purchase these items at a discount! Cubes expire in 90 days, but Tim’s Secret Lab expires in 1 day, so be sure to move them to your item inventory to use them as soon as you buy!

Original Discounted
Red Cube Twelve Pack 14,400 NX 10,800 NX
Black Cube Twelve Pack 26,400 NX 19,800 NX
Red Cube (11) 13,200 NX 10,000 NX
Black Cube (11) 24,200 NX 19,000 NX
Tim's Secret Lab 3,000 NX 900 NX

You can find the Cash Shop's Daily Deals under the Special Promotions category.

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