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Premium Surprise Style Box Items List 8/07

Views 18657   Date 8/7/2013

Prize list updated as of August 7. Located in the Random Rewards > Surprise Box category in the Cash Shop.

The Premium Surprise Style Box is the fashionable Mapler’s secret weapon. It contains the most sought-after styles in all of Maple World, and the best part is they’re all permanent! If you’re going for the premium look, the Premium Surprise Style Box has what you need.

Premium Surprise Style Box (1) 3,400 NX
Premium Surprise Style Box (11) 34,000 NX

How does this work?

  • Each Premium Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative item, including:
    • New styles exclusive to Premium Surprise Style Box or Surprise Style Box.
    • Only permanent
  • Unwanted items can be traded in to the Maple Administrator for a Surprise Style Stamp or with other players through the Cash Item Trade window. (Right-click on a character to see the menu!)
  • Collect 20 Surprise Style Stamps to get 1 Mystical Surprise Style Box, which contains exclusive limited-time items!

    Get ALL the details about how to use Surprise Style Boxes!

    Check out the most recent additions to the Premium Surprise Style Box!?

    Azalea Hair Pin Cute Sleeveless Shirt Golf Gloves Golf Shorts (Male) Golf Skirt (Female) Mid High Golf Shoes Stylish Iron Visor

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