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August Gachapon Update

Views 9503   Date 8/11/2014

August Gachapon! Check out the new specials!

The Great Gachapierrot has gathered up some chairs made for relaxing! There are also chairs to help you tap into your adventurous side. Exciting mounts are also available!

August 13 to September 9, 2014

New Chairs

Enjoy the last days of summer with the Palm Tree Beach Chair, Pink Beach Chair, Blue Beach Chair, Coco Island Chair, Thorny Chair, Black Bean Chair, Locker Chair, Cool Cat Chair, Bus Stop Chair, and the Cat Bench!

Be adventurous with the Pyramid Chair, Magic Carpet Chair, Code of Hammurabi Chair, Ancient Tank Chair, and the Ancient Bathhouse Chair!

New Mounts

Take to the air with the Battle Flying Chair Mount and the Flying Bed Mount! Then enjoy the surf with the Water Scooter mount. Permanent versions of these mounts are available, and the Flying Bed Mount is also available as a 90-day version.

Where Do I Get Gachapon Tickets?

Gachapon Tickets and Remote Gachapon Tickets can be purchased in the Cash Shop. Enter the Cash Shop, select Random Rewards, then go to the Gachapon Tickets subsection to find them. Buy in bundles and save! Find out more about the Gachapon system here.

Gachapon Ticket 1,000 NX
Remote Gachapon Ticket 1,050 NX

Get lucky! Get NX!
Still want more? Complete an offer and earn NX!
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