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Wherever there is light, there is darkness. Since Maple World's first dawn, this delicate balance has been upheld, but there have always been those who seek to overthrow the balance and rule Maple World with violence and corruption. The Black Mage grows in power, but so do the heroes bent on destroying him. When they first sealed him, the cost was too great. This time, the resistance will be ready.

Into The Storm

  • Advance Faster:

    3rd and 4th job advancements can now be made at lower levels!

  • Increase Your Arsenal

    Equipment no longer has substat requirements so you have more options!

  • Visit the Tempest Coin Shop

    The Tempest Coin Shop is up and running and ready to exchange rare items for your Tempest Coins!

  • Tackle the Right Bosses:

    Bosses now have an Aggro ranking so you can choose your battles wisely.

  • Gain Honor Experience Faster:

    EquipmentYou can now gain Honor Experience in Azwan whenever you want!

  • Create More Characters:

    The maximum character slots have increased from 15 to 18 per world so you can try every class!

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Illuminated Shadow

When the Black Mage first sought to enslave Maple World, there were seldom few brave enough to stand against him. Luminous watched in horror as his four powerful allies – Aran, Freud, Mercedes, and Phantom – fell fighting a battle they knew they could not win. With a last-ditch effort, Luminous finally sealed the Black Mage away, but a sliver of the mage’s dark energy entered his body and he fell into a deep slumber.

World of Luminous

Luminous wakes in the forest outside Ellinia, surrounded by flames and destruction. Dark thoughts flood his head as he makes his way to Ellinia. An invisible war between light and darkness rages silently within his mind until the pressure is too much and he's forced to make a choice: Protect those he loves and focus his energy on continuing the fight against evil, or succumb to the overwhelming pull of the Dark Mage's corrupting power.

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Protector of Nova

Long ago, the legendary Nova Warrior, Kaiser, protected Pantheon and the people of Grandis from Magnus, a power-hungry emissary of the Black Mage. The two powers collided, and in the end Magnus, along with his army of abominations, proved to be the stronger of the two. Faced with certain defeat, Kaiser unleashed an all-consuming attack, eradicating Magnus's creatures and destroying his own physical form in the process. But his spirit lived on, waiting for the perfect host to receive his power.

World of Luminous

A young Nova boy named Kyle forms the Heliseum Force with his friends Velderoth and Tear to protect the people of Grandis just as Kaiser did long ago. When Pantheon is in danger and all seems lost, Kyle finds himself infused with an unknown source of energy. Through Kyle, the great dragon warrior Kaiser is reborn!

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Wings of the Nova

Born without a tail or magic, Tear endured disappointment from Nova elders and flat-out torment from her peers. Her only friends were two kind boys, Kyle and Velderoth, who watched over her from the get-go. Together, they formed the Heliseum Force, dreaming of one day recapturing the homeland that was stolen from them. But they were too young to stand up to the attacks on Pantheon...

World of Luminous

When the Heliseum Force is overwhelmed at Pantheon, Tear calls on the power of an ancient relic to save her friends. Her plan works, but she gets much more than she bargained for. Now, the voice of the ancient Nova dragon warrior, Eskalade, rings out in her head. It tells Tear of her new destiny... to become the Angelic Buster!

Root Abyss