Maple World is celebrating a decade of adventure, action and heroes. Join us in May as we mark our ten-year anniversary with events, giveaways and more! Click the sections below to learn more about MapleStory's history, as well as all of the fun things coming up!
10th Anniversary Events
Celebrate 10 amazing years of adventure and fun in MapleStory by participating in all of the great events taking place between May 6th and June 24th. Click on the events below for more details!
  • Go back to the humble beginnings to learn the secret stories behind monsters such as Orange Mushrooms, Axe Stumps and Horntail.Click here for more info

    May 6 – June 2
  • Choose your side and hunt Cake or Pie monsters during this delicious event. If your team achieves the high score, you can receive special buffs!Click here for more info

    May 6 – June 2
  • Visit the festival area and help prepare for the 10th Anniversary events! You can receive items such as shareable buffs, letters from the developers and more.Click here for more info

    May 6 – June 2
  • Collect 10th Anniversary Coins and visit the coin shop to exchange them for equips, upgrade items and more.Click here for more info

    May 6 – June 24
  • Hunt Ikura monsters (winner of the "Design-a-Monster" contest!), which spawn in towns, to receive 10th anniversary rewards.Click here for more info

    May 6 – June 2
  • For a limited time, you will be able to transfer most cash items between your characters within the same world.Click here for more info

    May 7 – May 19
10th Anniversary Event

Join MapleStory’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Celebrate with your fellow Maplers and register before May 5th with an account that includes a character that is level 31 or higher. Then log in to MapleStory after the maintenance on May 7th, but before midnight on May 11th, to receive a FREE 10th Anniversary Gift Pack!

  • Power Elixir
  • 10th Anniversary Effect
  • 1000 Reward Points Token
RegisterClick Here for Gift Pack Details