Golden Apple: Jan. 2017

Golden Apple

  • Price (5): 2,700 NX
  • Price (15): 7,800 NX
  • Price (50): 25,000 NX
  • Price (100): 48,000 NX
  • Duration: 90 days

The Golden Apple is a special item that will give you one random in-game item when you open it! It also gives you 10 Apple Pies, which restore 10,000 HP when consumed. When you enter the Cash Shop, you can find it in the Special Promotions > New Arrivals category in non-Reboot worlds only.

Each Golden Apple can only be used once. Although the Golden Apple will only give one rare reward and 10 Apple Pies per use, please make sure you have at least the following amount of slots open in your inventory for the item to work correctly: 1 Equip, 1 Use, 1 Etc, 1 Set-Up.

Possible rewards include:

  • Pink Bean, Lotus, and Bad Brawler Souls: Magnificent, Beefy, Swift, Clever, Fortuitous, Flashy, Potent, Radiant, Hearty
  • Black Slime Souls: Beefy, Swift, Clever, Fortuitous, Tough, Ample, Flashy
  • Bling Bling Heart Mount and Vroom Vroom Pink Bean Mount: 90-day and permanent durations available

  • White Clamshell Chair

  • Chaos Pink Bean Mark, Hat, and Suit
  • Black Bean Hat and Suit

  • Android Hearts: Titanium, Lidium, Crystal, Gold
  • Android Coupons: Girl/Boy, Princessoid, Summeroid (M/F), Schooldroid (M/F)

  • 20 Slot Bags: Mineral, Herb, Title, Chair, Soul, Production, Recipe
  • Star Force 12 Star 100% Enhancement: Lv. 150 and Lv. 160 available
  • Soul Enchanter: Prototype, Production, Customized
  • Magical Scroll for Weapon ATT/Magic ATT (One-Handed Weapon, Two-Handed Weapon)
  • Premium Scroll for Weapon ATT/Magic ATT (Accessory, Pet Equip)
  • Scroll for Magic ATT 100%/ATT 100% (Pet Equip)
  • Scroll for Magic ATT 70%/Weapon ATT 70% (Armor)
  • Scroll for M. ATT 100% (Accessory)
  • Miracle Scroll for ATT 50%/M ATT 50% (Pet Equip)
  • Miracle Scroll for ATT 50% (Accessory )
  • Miracle Scroll for ATT 50%/M ATT 50% (Armor)
  • Scrolls for Pet Equip/Armor/Accessory
  • Miracle Scroll for ATT 50% (for weapons)
  • Boost Scroll 100%/50%
  • Lv. 130 Wings weapons
  • Alchemist equips: Hat, Work Clothes, Cape

  • Exquisite Belt: Sharp, Tenacious, Lucky, Wise
  • Purple Pendant: Peacock, Owl, Bear, Wolf
  • Half Earrings
  • Hound Earrings: HP, MP, Hyper, Nimble
  • Face Accessories: Ice Crystal Face Paint, Maple Leaf, Tree Branch Nose, Red Meister Symbol (all jobs), Shiny Red Meister Symbol (all jobs), Blood Mask

  • Moon Bunny Epaulette and Grand Maple Amethysian Shoulder
  • Potential Stamps: Perfect Potential Stamp, Perfect Bonus Potential Stamp, Gold Potential Stamp, Gold Bonus Potential Stamp, Silver Potential Stamp, Silver Bonus Potential Stamp
  • Potential Scrolls: Special Potential Scroll, Advanced Potential Scroll, Epic Potential Scroll 50%
  • Golden Hammer 100%/50%
  • Pure Clean Slate Scroll 10%/5%
  • Chaos Scrolls: Miraculous Chaos Scroll 70%/60%/50%/40%/30%, Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%/30%/20%, Chaos Scroll 70%/60%
  • Chaos Potions

Here’s how it works:

1.Enter the Cash Shop and purchase a bundle of Golden Apples. You can pick up a set of 5, 15, 50, or 100.

2. Double-click the Golden Apple bundle to move it to your cash inventory. Exit the Cash Shop.

3. Double-click the Golden Apple in your inventory to open it, and receive one random item, as well as 10 Apple Pies!