Premium Surprise Style Box Stamp Exchange: Jan. 2017

Now you can exchange unwanted Premium Surprise Style Box items for Avatar Box Stamps. Collect enough stamps and trade them in for great rewards!

This system gives players in Reboot worlds an option to get rid of PSSB items they no longer want while still gaining value. Players in non-Reboot worlds can use this system as an alternative to trading the items.

Exchanging Unwanted Items for Stamps

If you would like to trade in an item you received from the Premium Surprise Style Box for something else, visit the Free Market and talk to NPC Ari, who is located near the Free Market entrance.

Ari will explain the system:

  • You can receive one stamp per item. This stamp is permanent and untradeable.
  • Previously equipped equipment cash covers cannot be exchanged for stamps.
  • Make sure you have room in the ETC tab of your inventory for Avatar Box Stamps. You will not receive the stamps if you don’t have room! You have to have at least 1 empty ETC tab slot to get the stamp item properly.

If you have eligible items that can be exchanged for stamps, Ari will present you with a list of items you can exchange. Select one item from your inventory to exchange.

Ari will ask you for final confirmation. If you confirm, the item will be removed and you’ll receive your Avatar Box Stamp in the ETC tab of your inventory.

Exchanging Stamps for Rewards

When you collect enough stamps, you can visit the Free Market and talk to NPC Shiro to exchange the stamps for a permanent equip item of your choice!

Talk to NPC Shiro to view the stamp exchange store. When you select the item you want to purchase, the number of stamps used to acquire the item will be removed from your inventory.

All items are permanent and give 50 Charm when equipped. The items available through the stamp exchange will be updated a few times throughout the year. Here are the items currently available:

Umbral Cap 30 Stamps
Umbral Earrings 35 Stamps
Umbral Attire 40 Stamps
Umbral Coat 40 Stamps
Umbral Shoes 25 Stamps
Umbral Boots 25 Stamps
Umbral Cloak 35 Stamps
Magic Tome Weapon 32 Stamps
Mischievous Sweet Pig Hat (M) 21 Stamps
Mischievous Sweet Pig Outfit (M) 28 Stamps
Cunning Sweet Pig Hat (F) 21 Stamps
Cunning Sweet Pig Outfit (F) 28 Stamps
Sweet Pig Weapon 28 Stamps

Where Do I Get Premium Surprise Style Boxes?

Premium Surprise Style Boxes can be purchased in the Random Rewards > Surprise Box category in the Cash Shop in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds. Please note that the Premium Surprise Style Box Stamp Exchange works with items received from the Premium Surprise Style Box, items received from seasonal Surprise Style Boxes (including Spring Surprise Style Box, Summer Surprise Style Box, etc), and items received from special-themed Surprise Style Boxes (including Heroes Surprise Style Boxes, etc).

  • Premium Surprise Style Box
    • Price (1): 3,400 NX
    • Price (11): 34,000 NX
    • Duration: 90 days