Valentine Surprise Style Box Rates

Valentine Surprise Style Box Rates

Valentine Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 3,400 NX
  • Price (11): 34,000 NX

The Valentine Surprise Style Box holds a decorative equip item! There are 100 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.  

Item NameTypeRate
Rose Blending Hat 1.00%
Ceylon Tea Time (M) Overall 1.00%
Dazzling Tea Time (F) Overall
Apple Breeze (M) Shoes 1.00%
Berry Breeze (F) Shoes
Pure Delight Cape 1.00%
Pure Rose Muddler Weapon 1.00%
Little Prince/Princess Hat Hat 1.00%
Little Prince Outfit Overall 1.00%
Little Princess Outfit Overall 1.00%
Little Prince/Princess Weapon Weapon 1.00%
Fluffy Pink Ribbon Hat 1.00%
Cozy Blue Heart Effect Outfit Overall 1.00%
Cozy Pink Heart Effect Outfit Overall 1.00%
Sweet Bunny Candy Weapon Weapon 1.00%
Ribbon Kitty Tail Cape 1.00%
Rainbow Blush Face Accessory 1.00%
Lovely Muffs Hat 1.00%
Warm Yearning (M) Overall 1.00%
Warm Longing (F) Overall
Lovely Shoes Shoes 1.00%
Lovely Dazzlers Cape 1.00%
Heartfelt Sentiments Weapon 1.00%
Heartbeam Face Face Accessory 1.00%
Blushing Yeti Face Accessory 1.00%
Shadow Bunny Headband Hat 1.00%
Shadow Bear Headband Hat 1.00%
Red Shadow Argyle Knit Overall 1.00%
Black Shadow Argyle Knit Overall 1.00%
Pink Panda Hat Hat 1.00%
Pink Panda Outfit Overall 1.00%
Pink Panda Gloves Gloves 1.00%
Breezy Bamboo Weapon 1.00%
Polar Bear Hood Hat 1.00%
Polar Fur-Trimmed Dress Overall 1.00%
Polar Booties Shoes 1.00%
Angelic Polar Cape Cape 1.00%
Cottontail Rabbit Hat Hat 1.00%
White Servant Tux Overall 1.00%
Lovely Princess Bonnet Hat 1.00%
Lovely Princess Dress Overall 1.00%
Hipster Overall 1.00%
Romantic Dress Overall 1.00%
Sweet Fresh Cream Cake Hat Hat 1.00%
Sweet Fresh Cream Dessert Dress Overall 1.00%
Sweet Fresh Cream Dessert Shoes Shoes 1.00%
Pink Polka Dot Bow Hat 1.00%
Peach Bloom Effect Hat Hat 1.00%
Flower Ribbon Headband Hat 1.00%
Polka Dot Heart Jumpsuit  Overall 1.00%
Polka Dot Heart Dress  Overall 1.00%
Flutter Flower Knit Overall 1.00%
Pink Heart T-Shirt & Muffler Top 1.00%
Exciting Hoodie Top 1.00%
Full of Hearts T-Shirt Top 1.00%
Heart Hot Pants Bottom 1.00%
Pure White Butterflies Effect Gloves Gloves 1.00%
Yummy Candy Face Accessory 1.00%
Dokidoki Cape 1.00%
Heart Bling Wings Cape 1.00%
Sweet Fork Cake Weapon 1.00%
Guinea Pig Weapon Weapon 1.00%
Master of Hearts Weapon 1.00%
Lucid Butterfly Ring Ring 1.00%
First Love T-Shirt Overall 1.00%
First Love Label Ring Ring 1.00%
First Love Chat Ring Ring 1.00%
Apple Bunny Hat Hat 1.00%
Apple Bunny Shirt Overall 1.00%
Chocolate Dipped Stick Weapon 1.00%
Blue Heart Transparent Hat Hat 1.00%
Heart Fur Coat Overall 1.00%
Red T-Shirt w/ Heart Top 1.00%
Love Gloves Gloves 1.00%
Heart Ribbon Glove Gloves 1.00%
Blush Face Accessory 1.00%
Dollish Pink Face Accessory 1.00%
Hearty Flush Face Accessory 1.00%
Chocolate Overload Face Accessory Face Accessory 1.00%
Choco Candy Cookie Face Accessory 1.00%
Chocolate Heart Face Accessory 1.00%
Rose Face Accessory 1.00%
Kiss Mark Face Accessory 1.00%
Heart Face Painting Face Accessory 1.00%
Round Glasses Eye Accessory 1.00%
Pink Aviator Sunglasses Eye Accessory 1.00%
Warm-hearted Earrings Earrings 1.00%
Cold-hearted Earrings Earrings 1.00%
Diamond Earrings Earrings 1.00%
Angelic Silk Cape 1.00%
Harmony Wings Cape 1.00%
Angelic Feathers Cape 1.00%
Aurora Pharady Cape 1.00%
Aurora Angel Cape 1.00%
Lovely Chocolate Balloons Cape 1.00%
Pink Bean Chocolate Label Ring Ring 1.00%
Pink Bean Chocolate Chat Ring Ring 1.00%
Baby Blue Ring 1.00%
Amorian Aura Ring Ring 1.00%
Bright Hot Pink Heart Ring 1.00%
Baby Pink Heart Ring 1.00%
Pink Candy Quote Ring Ring 1.00%
Pink Candy Label Ring Ring 1.00%