Random Box Rates: Spring Surprise Style Box

Spring Surprise Style Box Rates


Spring Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (15): 25,500 NX

The Spring Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative equip item! There are 100 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.   

Item Name Type Rate
Peach Bloom Effect Hat Hat 1%
Spring Chicky Sportswear Overall 1%
Spring Ducky Rain Hat Hat 1%
Spring Ducky Raincoat Overall 1%
Spring Cleaning Head Scarf Hat 1%
Spring Cleaning Coveralls Overall 1%
Rainbow Duster Weapon 1%
Ursus Light Cape 1%
Cattail Hat Hat 1%
Leafy Overall 1%
Rainbow Marbles Glove 1%
Giant Orchid Weapon 1%
Spring Green Foxtail Weapon 1%
Starlight Lantern Weapon 1%
Bananappeal Hat Hat 1%
Banana Shake Weapon 1%
Banana Peel Specs Eye Accessory 1%
Carrot Julius Overalls Overall 1%
Fantabulous Fruit Cape 1%
Rabbit Ear Hood Hat 1%
Rabbit Ear Hat 1%
Bunny Ears Hat 1%
Honey Rabbit Hat 1%
Peony Flower Accessory Hat 1%
Deluxe Rabbit Ears Hat 1%
Deluxe Rabbit Tail Cape 1%
Romantic Dress Overall 1%
Silver Wolf Ears Hat 1%
Silver Wolf Outfit Overall 1%
Silver Wolf Coat Cape 1%
Allergic Reaction Face Accessory 1%
Bunny Gloves Glove 1%
Bunny Boy Overall 1%
Bunny Girl Overall 1%
Bunny Slippers Shoes 1%
Chick Slippers Shoes 1%
Sheep Word Bubble Ring Ring 1%
Sheep Label Ring Ring 1%
Ramling PJs Overall 1%
Ramling Slippers Shoes 1%
Ramling Fur Glove Glove 1%
Rainbow Bracelet Glove 1%
Sunfire Wings Cape 1%
Lamby Cape Cape 1%
Pink Teru Cape Cape 1%
Blue Teru Cape Cape 1%
Silken Flower Cape Cape 1%
Floating Silken Flower Cape Cape 1%
Bunny Doll Cape 1%
Rainbow Scarf Cape 1%
Rainbow Star Ring Ring 1%
Rainbow Label Ring Ring 1%
Deluxe Rainbow Label Ring Ring 1%
Rainbow Quote Ring Ring 1%
Deluxe Rainbow Quote Ring Ring 1%
Butterfly Label Ring Ring 1%
Lord of the Carrots Weapon 1%
Wonky's Leaf Weapon 1%
Bunny Umbrella Weapon 1%
Starfall Magic Square Weapon 1%
Dreamy Candy Pillow Weapon 1%
Rabbit in a Hat Weapon 1%
Rose Butterwand Weapon 1%
Iris Butterwand Weapon 1%
Rainbow Sabre Weapon 1%
Carrot Cape Cape 1%
Aloha Flower Accessory Glove 1%
Gaming Moonbeam Hat 1%
Carrot Rabbit Chat Ring Ring 1%
Honey Bee Chat Ring Ring 1%
Princess Diary Chat Ring Ring 1%
Honey Bee Flower Effect Ring Ring 1%
Butterfly Flower Effect Ring Ring 1%
Musical Green Onion Weapon 1%
Dreaming Dandelion Weapon 1%
Peach Trio Weapon 1%
White Kitty Pink Top Top 1%
Teddy Picnic Shirt Top 1%
Hyper Spring Sweater Set Top 1%
Pink Bunny Sweater Top 1%
Blue Spring Jacket Top 1%
Pink Spring Jacket Top 1%
Bunny Glasses Eye Accessory 1%
Spring Cloud Piece Face Accessory 1%
Rainbow Face Paint Face Accessory 1%
Bunny Top Hat Hat 1%
Cutie Bunny Shoes Shoes 1%
Spring Scene Raincoat Overall 1%
Bunny Earmuffs Hat 1%
Iris Psyche Hat 1%
Bu-bu-bubbles! Cape 1%
Spring Rain Drippy-drop Cape 1%
Concert Muse Cape 1%
Sparkly Rainbow Cape Cape 1%
Flowery Breeze Cape 1%
Pony's Carrot Weapon 1%
Lotus Fantasy Weapon 1%
Spring Blossoms Weapon 1%
Sparkling Buddy Weapon 1%
Cotton Candy Cloud Weapon 1%