MVP Surprise Style Box Rates

MVP Surprise Style Box Rates

MVP Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 4,900 NX
  • Price (11): 49,000 NX

The MVP Surprise Style Box holds a decorative equip item! There are 50 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Item Name Type Rate
Aurora Crown Hat 2.00%
Pure Galaxy (M) Overall 2.00%
Slient Galaxy (F) Overall
Enamel Galaxy Shoes 2.00%
Milky Way Night Cape 2.00%
Aurora Waltz Weapon 2.00%
Twinkling Heart Hat 2.00%
Dreamy Wanderer Overall 2.00%
Dreamy Traveler Overall
Lightstep Sandals Shoes 2.00%
Pouring Sunlight Cape 2.00%
Dreaming Traveler Weapon 2.00%
Wave Dance Hat 2.00%
Aquamarine Heaving Sea (M) Overall 2.00%
Aquamarine Torrent (F) Overall
Memory Strand Shoes 2.00%
Swimming Light Cape 2.00%
Coral Song Weapon 2.00%
Spring Jewel Hat 2.00%
Spring Dew Longcoat (M) Overall 2.00%
Spring Petal (F) Overall
Spring Grass Flower Shoes 2.00%
Dew Spring Fairy Cape 2.00%
Fresh Dew Weapon 2.00%
Fleeting Dream Hat 2.00%
Loure Dream Overall 2.00%
Lunar Reverie Shoes 2.00%
Dreamcatcher Cape 2.00%
Dreamy Star Wand Weapon 2.00%
Mad Mage Hood Hat 2.00%
Mad Mage Suit Overall 2.00%
Mad Mage Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Mad Mage Shoes Shoes 2.00%
Mad Mage Staff Weapon 2.00%
Mad Mage Cape Cape 2.00%
Mad Mage Makeup Face Accessory 2.00%
Lovely Round Glasses Eye Accessory 2.00%
Hearty Heart Antenna Hat 2.00%
Kitty Hoodie Bandana Hat 2.00%
Kitty Bell Overall 2.00%
Kitty Wuv Cape 2.00%
Porong Fan Weapon 2.00%
Darknell's Cape Cape 2.00%
Moontide Sword Weapon 2.00%
Sulking Face Face Accessory 2.00%
Pretty Pretty Smile Face Accessory 2.00%
Jay's Sterilized Kitty Eye Patch Hat 2.00%
Pure White Butterflies Effect Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Rainy Night Mountain View Effect Cape Cape 2.00%
Lucid Butterfly Ring Ring 2.00%
Giant Bright Angel Wings Cape 2.00%
Giant Dark Devil Wings Cape 2.00%
White Proposal Overall 2.00%
White Fiancee Overall 2.00%