Random Box Rates: Themed Surprise Style Box

Themed Surprise Style Box Rates


Themed Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 3,400 NX
  • Price (11): 34,000 NX

The Themed Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative equip item with a special theme! There are 50 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Item Name Type Rate
Hunny Bun Bear Hood Hat 2%
Hunny Bun Bear Baubles Hat 2%
Hunny Bun Bear Onesie Overall 2%
Hunny Bun Bear Bell Weapon 2%
Hunny Bun Bear Slippers Shoes 2%
Kurama Ear Accessory Hat 2%
Superstar Pink Bean Horned Headphones Hat 2%
Superstar Pink Bean Onesie Overall 2%
Movie Popcorn Weapon Skin Weapon 2%
Goblin Cat Cape 2%
Sparking Bluebird Weapon 2%
Cat Lolita Hat Hat 2%
Cat Lolita Outfit Overall 2%
Nero Paws Shoes 2%
Cat Lolita Gloves Glove 2%
Frisky Cat Tail Cape 2%
Cat Knee Socks Shoes 2%
Foxy Teacher Hat Hat 2%
Foxy Teacher Outfit Overall 2%
Red Panda Ears Hat 2%
Red Panda Tail Cape 2%
Chipmunk Ears Hat 2%
Chipmunk Tail Cape 2%
Deluxe Rabbit Ears Hat 2%
Deluxe Rabbit Tail Cape 2%
Puppy Ears Hat 2%
Puppy Tail Cape 2%
Bear Ears Hat 2%
Bear Tail Cape 2%
Fluffy Fox Ears (Gold) Hat 2%
Fluffy Fox Ears (Silver) Hat 2%
Fluffy Fox Tail (Gold) Cape 2%
Fluffy Fox Tail (Silver) Cape 2%
Cottontail Rabbit Hairband Hat 2%
Blue Ram Horn Hat Hat 2%
Pink Ram Horn Hat Hat 2%
Ribbon Kitty Ears Hat 2%
Fluffy Ram Earmuff Hat 2%
Sweet Lace Ears Hat 2%
Flowery Cat Hat Hat 2%
Sweet Wiggly Ears Hat 2%
Dreamy Cat Eyes Mask FaceAccessory 2%
Sheep Word Bubble Ring Ring 2%
Sheep Label Ring Ring 2%
Silver Wolf Weapon 2%
Triple Fish Skewer Weapon 2%
Guinea Pig Weapon Weapon 2%
Cup Cat Weapon Weapon 2%
Small Formosan Deer Weapon Weapon 2%
Rammy Scepter Weapon 2%