VIP Royal Coupons

The VIP Royal Style Coupons allow you to pick your choice of Hairstyle or Face for your character's gender from the below lists!

Male Hairstyles

Left to Right: Cain Hair, Ciel Hair, Commander Will Hair, Commence Hair, Cool School Trim, Damien Hair, Miro Hair, Doofus Hair, Elwin Hair, and Executor Hair.

Left to Right: Filling Hair, Floppy Bangs, Florian Hair, Suave Side Part Hair, Just You Hair, Kid Next Door Hair, Grape Leaf Locks Hair, Lucid Hair, Marbel Hair, and Moon Bunny Hairdo.

Left to Right: Mouse-boy Hair, Mysterious Hair, Pale Moonlit Hair, Popcorn Hair, Raccoon Ears Hair, Time World White Rabbit Hair, Tousled Pompadour, Upstart Hair, Wavy Ombre Hair, and Whipped Hair.

Female Hairstyles

Left to Right: Accent Braids, Airhead Hair, Beauty Hair, 90s Long Bob, Flyaway Bangs, Crescent Hair, Damien Hair, Dorothy Hair, Elodie Hair, and Foggy Elodie Hair.

Left to Right: Fringed Bob Hair, Healing Loli Hair, Kid Next Door Hair, Long Wavy Unibraid Hair, Maplovely Hair, Mina Hair, Mini Bangs 'n' Braids Hair, Moon Bunny Hairdo, Pure Bob Cut, and Raccoon Ears Hair.

Left to Right: Rosalia Hair, Sandy Hair, Snowlit Hair, Teahouse Hair, Time World Alice Hair, Twenty Hair, Twisty Pufftails Hair, Duchess Hair, Wavy Mane Hair, and Waxing Moon Hair.

Male Faces

Left to Right: Alluring Face, Baby Face, Boing Face, A Child's Dream, Clamped Mouth Face, Cold Face, Come On Over Face, Constantly Curious Face, Cool Elf Face, and Curiosity Face.

Left to Right: Damien Face, Docile Face, Elwin Face, Eyelash Perm Face, Fresh Spring Water Face, Friendly Friend Face, Hangover Make-up, Little Star Cocoon Face, Lotus Face, and Melody Face.

Left to Right: Meow Face, Moist Eyes, Mouse-boy Face, Pensive Face, Spoiled Boy Face, Sprightly Face, Starry-Eyed Face, Starry Summer Night Face, Trustworthy Face, and Very Positive Face.

Female Faces

Left to Right: Alicia Face, Alluring Face, Baby Face, Boing Face, A Child's Dream, Constant Surprise Face, Curiosity Face, Docile Face, Eyelash Perm Face, and Fresh Spring Water Face.

Left to Right: Gentle Elf Face, Gentle Explorer Face, Hangover Make-Up, Little Star Cocoon Face, Melody Face, Meow Face, Moist Eyes, Mouse-girl Face, Orchid Face, and Poker Face.

Left to Right: Prim Face, Smuglord Face, Sprightly Face, Strong Odd Eye Face, Starry Summer Night Face, Shy Face, Starry-Eyed Face, Tender Gaze Face, Timid Face, and Trustworthy Face.