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Equipment Information

You can directly move to the information you want by searching it with [Ctrl + F].

Viewing Equipment Information

Move the cursor over an equipment item that you have obtained from exploring Maple World, and you can see a tooltip that displays information about it.

On the tooltip, you can see the item's stats and rank, as well as the anticipated Attack Power increase amount if the item is equipped.

MapleStory Item Tooltip


If your tooltip isn't displaying as detailed information as above, check if the "Use Short Tooltips" option is enabled under [Settings / Options / Game / Item Options]. If you uncheck this option, you'll be able to see detailed item stat information.

Item Quality

An item's quality is decided on the sum of item's stats, and can be one of 7 different quality levels. The quality level can be checked by the item name's color in the tooltip, with the following colors denoting each rarity:

Quality / ClassItem Name's Color
Low Quality Gray
Normal Quality White
High Quality Teal
Great Quality Purple
Premium Class Yellow
Excellent Class Green
Special Class Red

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