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Special Theme Dungeons

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Introducing the special Theme Dungeons, where Lv. 30 - 59 characters can level-up faster and earn powerful items.

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Special Theme Dungeons

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These special Theme Dungeons are recommended for lower-level players from Lv. 30 - 59, to help players level-up quicker than they would with normal quests or hunting field monsters. You'll also be able to earn Titles along with the various items, so don't miss out!

Moving to Special Theme Dungeons

Once you reach Lv. 30, you'll be able to move to the Theme Dungeons via quests or the Maple Guide.

Complete Theme Dungeon quests via the Quest Notifier

special theme dungeon quests

Moving to Theme Dungeons via Maple Guide

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What's Special About Special Theme Dungeons?

Special Theme Dungeons are Solo-only

On these four Theme Dungeon fields, monsters are exclusively summoned for individual players. Because monsters aren't shared with other players, the quests within the dungeons can be done faster than similar quests elsewhere in Maple World.

MapleStory Inside Theme Dungeon

Monsters match the Character's Level

MapleStory Theme Dungeon Level Match

The monsters from these Theme Dungeon appear as Lv. 30 at first, but if the character in the dungeon is above Lv. 30, monsters will be summoned at the same level as the player's, and monster levels will not go higher than Lv. 59 for characters Lv. 60 and above.

Example Character Level Monster Level
Lv. 25 Lv. 30
Lv. 41 Lv. 41
Lv. 62 Lv. 59

Quest completion EXP increases with Character Level

MapleStory Theme Dungeon Quest Rewards

Even when completing the same quests, the amount of EXP earned will differ based on the character's level to aid faster level-ups.

Main Rewards from Special Theme Dungeons

Ellinel Fairy Academy

Ellinel Fairy Academy Rewards

Gold Beach

MapleStory Gold Beach Rewards

Riena Strait

MapleStory Riena Strait Rewards

Secret Forest of Elodin

MapleStory Secret Forest of Elodin Rewards

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