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Character Stats and Hyper Stats

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The basics in leveling up your character and introducing AP, SP, Hyper, and Ability!

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What is AP?

AP stands for 'Ability Point', and it's a value that can increase the stats for Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), and Luck (LUK), and your character's maximum HP and MP.

Press the [S] hotkey in-game to view your character's Stat window.

MapleStory Stat Window

When increasing Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Luck, the stat will be increased by 1 per AP spent. The amount of AP spent to increase HP and MP differs based on your character's job.

Obtaining AP

MapleStory Getting AP

5 AP is given per level each time you level up, and additional AP is given for specific job advancements when leveling up.

Using AP

Points can be invested in your choice of HP, MP, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Luck.

MapleStory Using AP

If you have points to invest, try pressing the [Auto-Assign] button, where points will be invested in the stats most recommended for your character's class.


AP Reset Scrolls

  • Use the AP Reset Scroll to reset all of your stats, excluding any AP spent on HP or MP.
  • AP Reset Scrolls can be purchased from the Cash Shop or obtained through events.

What is SP?

SP stands for Skill Points, and they can be used to increase a skill's level to make it more powerful. Press the [K] hotkey in-game to view your character's skill window.

MapleStory Skill Window

Each skill has a max level, and each SP spent will increase a skill's level by 1.

Obtaining SP

3 SP are given per level each time you level up from Lv. 1 to 100. Starting from Lv. 101, you will gain 3 SP on most level-ups, and 6 SP if your level ends in 0, 3, 6, or 9 upon level-up (ie: gain 3 SP at Lv. 101, 3 SP at Lv. 102, 6 SP at Lv. 103, 3 SP at Lv. 104...). Additional SP are also given for specific job advancements when leveling up.

Using SP

MapleStory Using SP

SP can be used to increase your skill level, so try leveling up the skill of your choice!


  • Once you reach Lv. 140, you will have gained all of the SP needed to increase all of your skills to their max level. However you can also learn new skills through Hyper Skill, and you won't need any SP.
  • Once you reach Lv. 200, you'll be able to proceed with your 5th job advancement, and skill levels can be increased using the V Matrix system, and you won't need any SP.

* Are you curious about 5th Job Skills and the V Matrix system?


Once you reach Lv. 140, you'll automatically obtain [Hyper Skill] and [Hyper Stats]. Open the character skill window (hotkey [K]) and stats window (hotkey [S]) to check out your new abilities!

What is a Hyper Skill?

They're powerful skills that can be learned starting from Lv. 140. You can learn skill enhancement passives, and powerful attack and active buff skills.

MapleStory Hyper Skills

Skill Enhancement Passive

  • Passive skills that enhance other existing skills in various ways.
  • A skill gets unlocked each time you reach a certain level.
  • You can earn Hyper Skill SP at Lv. 140, 150, 165, 180, and 190.

Active Attack/Buff Skills

  • These are unique active skills that have powerful effects.
  • Skills will get unlocked at Lv. 140, 160, and 190.
  • Hyper Skills will not be affected by Potentials including some of the cooldown reduction and buff duration increase effects.

How to Reset your Hyper Skills

MapleStory Hyper Skill Reset

You can reset Hyper Skills by pressing the [Reset] button. Cost to reset Hyper Skills will increase the more times you reset, but will not exceed 10,000,000 mesos.

Hyper Skill Reset Costs
1st Reset 100,000 mesos
2nd Reset 1,000,000 mesos
3rd Reset 2,000,000 mesos
4th Reset 5,000,000 mesos
5th and later Resets 10,000,000 mesos

What are Hyper Stats?

Hyper Stats are additional bonuses that can increase your character's stats! Once you reach Lv. 140, you can view the Hyper Stat window through the character stat window (hotkey [S]) and clicking on the [Hyper Stat] button.

MapleStory Hyper Stats

Once you reach Lv. 140, Hyper Stat points will be given each time you level up. Invest the obtained Hyper Stat points to increase your Hyper Stat levels. You can also create up to 3 different Hyper Stat Presets, which you can swap between for a 2,000,000 meso

Hyper Stat Types

Hyper Stat types and max levels are as follows.

Stats Max Level Increase per Level Max Cumulative Increase
STR 15 30 450
DEX 15 30 450
INT 15 30 450
LUK 15 30 450
HP(%) 15 2 30%
MP(%) 15 2 30%
DF/TF 10 10 100
Critical Activation Chance 15 1
Lv. 6+: 2
Critical Damage 15 1 15%
Ignore Defense 15 3 45%
Damage 15 3 45%
Boss Monster Damage Increase 15 3
Lv. 6+: 4
Damage Against Normal Monsters 15 3
Lv. 6+: 4
Abnormal Status Resistance 15 1
Lv. 6+: 2
Knockback Resistance 10 2 20%
Attack Power & Magic ATT 15 3 45
Get EXP 15 0.5
Lv. 11+: 1
Arcane Power 15 5
Lv. 11+: 10

Note: You need to advance to your 5th Job in order to increase the stats for Arcane Power Hyper Stats.

Obtaining Hyper Stat Points

You will earn more Hyper Stat points as your character's level increases.

Level Range Points Given
140 - 149 3
150 - 159 4
160 - 169 5
170 - 179 6
180 - 189 7
190 - 199 8
200 - 209 9
210 - 219 10
220 - 229 11
230 - 239 12
240 - 249 13
250 - 259 14
260 - 269 15
270 - 279 16
280 - 289 17
290 - 299 18
300 19
Total 1699

Amount of Required Hyper Stat Points

The larger the level of a Hyper Stat, the more Hyper Stat points will required to level the Hyper Stat up further:

Level Required Amount of Points Cumulative Points
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 10 25
6 15 40
7 20 60
8 25 85
9 30 115
10 35 150
11 50 200
12 65 265
13 80 345
14 95 440
15 110 550


How to Reset Invested Hyper Stats

Hyper Skill Reset

You can reset the Hyper Stats by pressing the [Reset] button. Hyper Stats can be reset at any time at the cost of 10 million mesos.

Hyper Stat Presets

Hyper Skill Reset

You can also create up to three Hyper Stat Presets, which will allow you to swap between allocated stat points without having to reapply each point. You can swap between the presets at any time at the cost of 2 million mesos.

What is an Ability?

Ability refers to hidden abilities in your character. Once you reach Lv. 50, you can complete the 'The Eye Opener' quest through the star event notifier to unlock your Abilities.


After completing the quest, you can view Ability by clicking on the [Detail] button on the character stat window (hotkey [S]). An Ability's stats and values will be based on the rank of the Ability, and can be reset.

Ability Reset

Ability reset can be done through Honor EXP or by using a Miracle or Chaos Circulator item.

Ability Reset

You can reset the Ability with 100 points of Honor EXP. Stats that you do not wish to change can be locked, keeping them safe while your other stats are reset.

Ability Locking

However, the rank needs to be fixed as well in order to lock the stats. If you lock a rank or stats, Honor EXP needed to reset it will increase.

Required Honor EXP to Lock
- Epic Ability Unique Ability Legendary Ability
None selected 100 100 100
Rank selected 500 5100 10100
Rank + 1 stat selected 3500 8100 13100
Rank + 2 stats selected 8500 13100 18100

Rank and stats cannot be locked for Rare Abilities.

Circulators can be used to reset Ability without the cost of Honor EXP. Usage effects differ depending on the type of the Circulator.

Miracle and Chaos Circulators

Circulators cannot be used to lock ranks or stats.

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