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Item Enhancement

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Items can be powered up with bonus stats and more in a wide variety of ways, such as on the below weapon!

MapleStory Fully Buffed Weapon

Scroll Enhancement

You can use various types of Scrolls or Spell Traces to enhance items.

You can enhance your equipment with Scrolls or Spell Traces for as many times as the item says that it can be upgraded.

MapleStory Using Scrolls and Traces

Stats displayed on the item window are called item stats, and include STR, DEX, INT, LUK and others. When displayed in an item's tooltip, they are largely categorized into three parts, displayed in the following order: Base Stats + Bonus Stats + Enhancement Stats.

If you enhance an item with good Bonus Stats, you may be able to create a weapon that's even more powerful, and you can use a Rebirth Flame to reset an item's Bonus Stats.

MapleStory Rebirth Flames


  • If you attempt to use Spell Traces during Spell Trace Fever Time, your chance of succeeding in Spell Trace enhancement goes up. Spell Trace Fever Time happens once per update, announced in the patch notes, on the weekend during these times (all times UTC):
    • Friday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Saturday: 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, and 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Sunday: 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM
  • You can use the Golden Hammer to increase the number of times that an item can be upgraded.
    • The Golden Hammer can only be applied twice, whether you succeed or fail.

MapleStory All Enhancements Used

If you have expended your attempts to enhance an item using Scrolls, you can use Pure Clean Slate Scrolls to restore failed upgrade slots, or use the Innocence Scroll to reset the enhancements on that item.

MapleStory Clean Slate and Innocence Scrolls

Star Force Enhancement

If an item has maxed out on the number of upgrades, you can also try to increase its stats through Star Force Enhancement.

Press the hotkey [O], or double-click on a Spell Trace to open the Enhancement UI.

MapleStory Star Force Enhancement

Items that have been enhanced with Star Force will be marked with one star (★) per enhanced level.

MapleStory Stars on Enhancement


  • The higher the Star Force Enhancement level, the greater the increase of an item's stats.
  • You cannot use the Safeguard function to protect Superior equipment.
  • Some special equipment will require additional materials, such as Shadowknight Coins, in order to be enhanced with Star Force.
  • If the equipment has been destroyed while enhancing with Star Force, an Equipment Trace is created.
    • Use the Equipment Transfer function to move the stats of the destroyed item to another version of the same item.
  • You can increase the Star Force Enhancement success rate through the "Star Catching" mini-game.

MapleStory Star Catching Minigame


Equip items have additional Potential bonuses that you can unseal to gain the full power of your equipment! You can check an item's Potential using the magnifying glass located on the bottom of the inventory, and Potential can be reset using cubes.

MapleStory Revealing Potential

There are different types of Potential: "Potential" and "Bonus Potential".

MapleStory Potential and Bonus Potential


  • Potential can be granted to an item without Potential using Potential Scrolls.
    • A Bonus Potential Scroll needs to be used to grant Bonus Potential.
  • If there are 1 or 2 rows of Potential, you can use a Potential Stamp to add the 3rd row.
  • The Transfer Hammer can be used to transfer the Potential of an enhanced lower-level Equip item to a higher Equip item.
    • For example, you can move the Potential of a Lv. 90 Equip item to a Lv. 100 Equip item.

How to Obtain Cubes

  • Master Craftsman's and Meister's Cubes can be crafted via the Smithing profession.
  • You can earn cubes from the Monster Collection Exploration Box.
  • Black and Red Cubes can be purchased from the Cash Shop with Maple Reward Points.
  • You can earn cubes through [Fairy Bros' Daily Gift] attendance check.
  • Occult Cubes and Bonus Occult Cubes can be earned at a fixed rate while hunting bosses.
  • Bonus Potential Cubes can be purchased with NX (non-Reboot Worlds only).
  • White and Violet Cubes will also occasionally be available for sale in the Cash Shop for NX (non-Reboot Worlds only).

Soul Weapon

Create even more powerful weapons using the force of the soul, boosting Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, bonus stats and other powerful bonuses.

Use the Soul Enchanter item to upgrade a weapon into a Soul Weapon and view the Soul Weapon's information on the bottom of the weapon tooltip. Equip Boss Souls to increase Weapon ATT and Magic ATT, as well as additional Potential and Boss Summon skills.


  • Soul Weapons can only be created from Lv. 75+ weapons.
  • The Soul Enchanter can be filled at a fixed rate while hunting monsters.
  • The more the Soul is charged, the greater an increase to Weapon ATT and Magic ATT, and the maximum increase amount will changed based on the soul type.
  • You can exchange 10 Soul Shards obtained during boss hunting to earn that boss' Soul.
  • Talk to the Mysterious Magician located in major towns to remove a Soul equipped on a weapon.
  • There are multiple tiers of Boss Souls, and Souls earned from more powerful bosses grant larger stat bonuses.

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