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Set Items

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Set Items are items that grant various bonus effects if you equip a specified number of items of the same set, and bonuses from Set Item stats are separately applied on top of the equipped item's stats.

You can obtain Set Items through hunting boss/monsters, events, party quests, and other standard ways of gathering new items.

Checking the Set Item Effect

Set Items will display the bonuses granted upon equipping items from the same set, as well as all of the items that can be collected and equipped to help you complete the set. Note that some set lists have more items than the amount needed for the largest bonus, and that there are no additional benefits to equipping more items than required for the largest bonus.

MapleStory Set Items Maple Guide

Set Item Effect

Even if you equip multiple sets of items, the bonuses from each equipped set will be stacked and applied. Additionally, all qualifying bonuses from a single set also stack and are applied.

For example, if you have 3 items from the Boss Accessory Set and 6 items from the Royal Von Leon Magician Set equipped, you will receive the following Set Bonuses:

  • 3-piece Boss Accessory Set Bonus
  • 4-piece Royal Von Leon Magician Set Bonus
  • 5-piece Royal Von Leon Magician Set Bonus
  • 6-piece Royal Von Leon Magician Set Bonus

Lucky Item

Lucky Items are Set Item wildcards! If you have at least 3 items from a set equipped, then equipping a Lucky item will count as another one of the items from that set to help you get the more powerful Set Bonuses.

MapleStory Lucky Set Item Maple Guide

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