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Boss Content

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Bosses threaten the peace of Maple World! Each and every boss has unique characteristics and abilities, and they also give plenty of special rewards based on their difficulty level. Eliminate bosses with your powerful strength, and obtain some of the most powerful rewards in Maple World.

Proceeding with Boss Content

For information on each of the bosses, you can open the Boss Menu with the hotkey [T] by default, select a Boss and difficulty for the fight, as well as search for party members to help you take down the enemy.

MapleStory Boss Content Menu

Or you can also visit the Maple Guide with the hotkey [U] and select the "Boss Content" tab to see recommendations for bosses appropriate to various level ranges, as well as what can be looted from those bosses. There may be quests to complete or items to possess in order to proceed with the boss content, so make sure to check on the boss UI before proceeding.

Intense Power Crystal Boss Rewards

If you eliminate a boss in Maple World, you will earn an Intense Power Crystal. You can sell these crystals to the Collector at the Free Market Entrance in exchange for mesos.

Price of the Intense Power Crystals are set based on the type of eliminated boss, and the number of party members that have entered. Up to 60 Intense Power Crystals can be sold in a week, resetting every Thursday at midnight UTC.

Type of Bosses and Main Rewards

There are many bosses in Maple World with various different types of attack patterns, special abilities and more. Each boss has different level requirements and entry limitations, so please do check.

Practice Mode

As of the v205 Pathfinder Update, certain bosses now have Practice Mode! Learn how to battle against bosses in private by taking them on in this low-stakes mode so that you're ready for their special abilities when it matters most!

About Practice Mode

  • You can enter Practice Mode up to 20 times per day, regardless of the boss monster type.
  • You can use the feature regardless of the Normal Mode's entry limit or boss clear limit for Normal/Hard/Chaos difficulties.
  • Prerequisite quests and other requirements to enter into Normal Mode still apply, however.
  • Buff Freezers are not consumed when used while in Practice Mode.
    • You will need to have at least 1 Buff Freezer in your inventory in order to use it, even during Practice Mode.
  • In Practice Mode, you cannot clear quests related to the corresponding boss, earn any EXP or rewards, or add to your Monster Collection.
  • Only the bosses that can be cleared once a week can be faced in Practice Mode.

Practice Mode is available for the following Boss encounters:

Chaos Zakum Chaos Papulatus Chaos Pink Bean
Chaos Von Bon Chaos Crimson Queen Chaos Vellum
Hard Hilla Chaos Pierre Hard Magnus
Easy/Normal Cygnus Normal/Hard Lotus Normal/Hard Damien
Normal/Hard Will Normal/Chaos Gloom Easy/Normal/Hard Lucid
Verus Hilla Normal/Hard Darknell Princess No
Akechi Mitsuhide    

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