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Arcane Power

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Arcane Symbols

Arcane Symbols are Equip items that can be obtained from each of the Arcane River regions, containing Arcane Powers and bonus stats appropriate for each character's job.

arcane symbol tooltip


  • You cannot grant Bonus Stats or Potential to Arcane Symbols.

Arcane Symbol Window

Once you complete the Arcane River entry quest, 'Record of Power', the [SLOT] button on the Equip tab will turn into an [ARCANE] button, where Arcane Symbols can be found.

Arcane Symbol Window

Arcane Symbol Menu


  • You cannot equip the same Arcane Symbol more than once.

Obtaining Arcane Symbols

Complete the story quests for each region, and then you can obtain Arcane Symbols from that region, as well as through daily quests, region content, or monster hunting. For example, the Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbol can only be obtained by playing Vanishing Journey content.

When you are able to start completing the daily quests of a higher-level Arcane River region, you can reduce the number of daily quests for lower-level Arcane River regions. The amount of possible rewards obtained will remain the same even with reduced daily quests.

Vanishing Journey / Morass

When you complete the higher-level Arcane River regions' daily quests, the number of quests you receive from Rona will be reduced.

Erda Spectrum / Hungry Muto / Dream Defender / Spirit Savior

When you are able to complete the higher-level Arcane River regions' daily quests, you will be given the opportunity to immediately complete Arcane River daily quests. You can obtain rewards based on the highest record you have set that day upon immediate completion.

For example: Characters who have completed the Morass region's story quest and then proceed with the Morass region's daily quests can obtain rewards from all of corresponding region's daily quests, once they clear Vanishing Journey, Hungry Muto, Dream Defender (once), and Spirit Savior (twice).

Arcane River Region
(Level Requirement)
ContentRewardNumber of clears needed to earn the maximum daily reward after Story Quest completion
Vanishing JourneyChu Chu IslandLacheleinArcanaMorassEsferaTenebris
Vanishing Journey
(Lv. 200)
NPC Rona's Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey 5 clears 4 clears 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
Erda SpectrumArcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
Chu Chu Island
(Lv. 210)
Hungry MutoArcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
NPC Master Lyck's Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
(Lv. 220)
Dream DefenderArcane Symbol: Lachelein - - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
NPC Gray Mask's Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Lachelein - - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear 1 clear
(Lv. 225)
Spirit SaviorArcane Symbol: Arcana - - - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear
NPC Tree Spirits' Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Arcana - - - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear 1 clear
(Lv. 230)
NPC Jean's Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Morass - - - - 3 clears 2 clears 1 clear
(Lv. 235)
NPC Ollie's Daily QuestsArcane Symbol: Esfera - - - - - 3 clears 2 clears
(Lv. 245)
NPC Velivah's Daily QuestsSpark of Determination - - - - - - 3 clears


  • You can quickly move to each piece of content through the in-game Maple Guide.
  • Even if you have reduced the number of Arcane River region's daily quests, you still must clear them at least once.
  • If you had not completed the higher-level Arcane River regions' story quests, you cannot reduce the number of lower-level Arcane River regions' daily quests.

Enhancing Arcane Symbols

Enhancing Arcane Symbols

Double-click on the same type of Arcane Symbol from the inventory as one you have equipped in order to level-up the equipped Arcane Symbol, absorbing the duplicate symbol. The higher the level of your Arcane Symbol, the greater Arcane Power and more bonus stats you will gain.

Level-Up Arcane Symbol


  • Arcane Symbol can be leveled-up to Lv. 20.
  • Arcane Symbols can only be enhanced when you have one equipped.
  • Arcane Symbols within the inventory can be safely stored using Item Guard.

Transferring Arcane Symbols

Leveled-up Arcane Symbols can be transferred to other characters within the same world using Arcane Catalysts, which can be purchased from the Legion Coin Shop.

Arcane Catalyst

Using an Arcane Catalyst

Please note before using Arcane Catalysts:

  • Double-click on the Arcane Catalyst to use it on the Arcane Symbol in inventory, and it will change the Arcane Symbol to an unstable state, to be able to move it to other characters within the same world.
  • If you use the Arcane Catalyst, you'll lose 20% of the Arcane Symbols used to level it up. Arcane Symbols will also reset to Lv. 1, so they will need to be enhanced again.
  • A character must have completed the corresponding Arcane Symbol's obtain quests in order to restore the Unstable Arcane Symbol.
  • If the character already has that Arcane Symbol, they will be unable to restore the Unstable Arcane Symbol.
  • Once the Unstable Arcane Symbol has been restored, they are converted to the corresponding character job's main stats.
    • For example, if a Bowman character restores an Unstable Arcane Symbol (INT), it will be converted to an Arcane Symbol (DEX) that's appropriate for their job.


  • Arcane Catalysts cannot be used on a basic Arcane Symbol earned from completing the "A Greater Power" quest.
  • Arcane Catalysts cannot be used on Lv. 1 Arcane Symbols.
  • Arcane Catalysts cannot be canceled once used. Please be careful before using them!

Arcane Power Hunting

If you've raised a large enough amount of Arcane Power using Arcane Symbols, try eliminating monsters in Arcane River to gather more Arcane Power!

Checking Your Arcane Power

Your current character's Arcane Power value can be viewed on the Character Stats > Details > Detailed Stats screen.

Arcane Symbol Stat

Enter the Arcane Power Hunting Zone, and on the notification window below the mini-map, you can see the Arcane Power required to enter the zone, and your own progress there as well. If you're short on the amount of Arcane Power needed for the entered region, you will deal reduced damage to the monsters, and take additional damage from them as well.

Arcane Power Tooltip


  • Applied damage penalties can be viewed on the Arcane Power UI.

Arcane Power Hunting Zones

All hunting zones in Arcane River consist of Arcane Power hunting zones. Hover over the Arcane Power Hunting Zone icon on the world map to view the required amount of Arcane Power to hunt.

Arcane Power World Map


  • There are no hunting zones that require both Star Force and Arcane Power.
  • Your Arcane Power can be viewed on the character stat window.

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