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Characters who have advanced to their 5th Job Advancement will be able to utilize the V Matrix system, allowing them to equip Nodes on their V Matrix to obtain new skills or enhance specific skills, and even raise the power of those skills through Node enhancements!


  • Node: These are cards you can equip on the V Matrix slots. Each of the Nodes have a skill. And based on its characteristic, they are divided into Skill Nodes, Boost Nodes, or Special Nodes.
  • Nodestone: You can use this item to obtain Nodes. Nodestones can be earned through events, or through field hunting and content within the Arcane River and Grandis regions.
  • V Matrix: A deck system on which you can manage the 5th Job skills. It consists of various slots, and you can freely equip Nodes to advance the skill's type or strength.

V Matrix Summary:

  • Obtain Nodes through Nodestones.
  • Equip Nodes on the V Matrix to obtain 5th Job skills.
  • Enhance Nodes to increase the skill level.

Opening the V Matrix

MapleStory Opening the V Matrix

Once you complete your 5th Job Advancement, a 5th Job skill tab will be created on the skill window, with a [V Matrix] button below it. Click on this button to view the V Matrix window:

MapleStory V Matrix Window

  1. V Matrix Slot: These are slots on which you can equip Nodes. Click on the equipped Node to see the Node Type, Rank, and EXP of the Active Node Skills to the right.
  2. Active Node Skills: This is where you can see the skills you've obtained by equipping Nodes.
  3. Node Type Tabs: You can click on the tab of your choice to view the Nodes by type.
  4. List of Nodes: You can view the Nodes currently in possession.

Obtaining Nodes

MapleStory Getting Nodes

Nodes can be obtained by using 1 Nodestone, and any obtained Nodes can be viewed on the V Matrix. You can equip Nodestones by dragging them to a Node or double-clicking on them, and they can be removed by double-clicking on them.

MapleStory Equipping Nodes

Skills that have been newly obtained through equipping Nodes will be visible in the 5th Job Skill Tab, and can be moved to a Hotkey for use.

MapleStory Nodes Skills in the Skill Menu

Node Types

There are three types of Nodes based on their characteristics: Skill Nodes, Boost Nodes, and Special Nodes.

  • Skill Nodes: Nodes to obtain 5th Job Skills.
    • Skills are divided by Job, Class (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate), and Shared Skills.
    • You can select multiple Skills to equip on the V Matrix Slots.
  • Boost Nodes: Nodes that can be used to enhance a character's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Job Skills, as well as Hyper Skills.
    • Once you equip Boost Nodes, skills that correspond to Boost Nodes get enhanced.
    • Boost Nodes consist of 1 main skill and 2 sub-skills. A total of 3 skills make up a single Boost Node.
    • You can view the skill to enhance on the tooltip.

MapleStory Boost Node Tooltip

    • When enhancing Nodes, only the same type of Nodes with the same main skill can be enhanced.
    • Also, Boost Nodes with the same main skills cannot be stacked.
  • Special Nodes: Once the requirements are met, special effects are activated with these Nodes.
    • Special Nodes can only be equipped on 1 slot within the V Matrix. You can view the activation requirement/effects on the tooltip.

MapleStory Special Node Tooltip

Node Types can be checked by clicking on Nodes within the V Matrix.

MapleStory Node Type Icon

Nodecrafting and Disassembling Nodes

You can disassemble Nodes of your choice via Nodecrafting, creating Node Shards which can then be used to craft new Nodes and Nodestones.

MapleStory Node Disassembly

The skill selected while crafting Nodes becomes the main skill, and sub-skills are assigned randomly.

MapleStory Nodecrafting

Enhancing Nodes

Nodes can gain EXP to progress up to the next Rank. You can find a Node's current Rank by the number above and the number of stars below the Node icon, and a Node's current EXP can be found by clicking on it inside the V Matrix.

MapleStory Node Rank and EXP


  • Nodes that are initially obtained from Nodestones are Rank 1 and have 0 EXP.

EXP is gained by consuming a Node of the same type as the target node to enhance it. Once the enhanced Node reaches 100% EXP, you can upgrade it to the next Rank.

MapleStory Node Enhancement

You can also consume Experience Nodestones to enhance any Node, but cannot be extracted into Node Shards. Experience Nodestones can be acquired through a variety of means, most notably through Events.

MapleStory Experience Nodestones


  • You can only enhance Skill Nodes and Boost Nodes. You cannot enhance Special Nodes.
  • Nodes can be locked, represented by a padlock on the node icon. Locked nodes cannot be disassembled or used to enhance other nodes, but can be equipped, unequipped, and enhanced as desired.
  • Nodes can be locked and unlocked at any time.
  • The higher the Rank of a Node used as an ingredient, the more EXP your Node will obtain.

Enhancing Node Slots

Every level above Lv. 200 will award you with a Matrix Point that can be used to enhance your Node Slots, increasing the skill level of a Skill or Boost Node equipped in that slot. Slot Enhancement can be accessed by clicking on the Slot Enhancement button in the V Matrix menu.

MapleStory Open Slot Enhancement

Enhancing a Node Slot has no chance of failure, and requires no cost beyond the Matrix Points earned from leveling up. Each slot can be upgraded up to 5 times. Simply click on a Node Slot, whether filled or empty, and confirm to enhance a slot. Each enhancement costs 1 Matrix Point.

MapleStory Slot Enhancement

You can also reset the enhancement level of all your V Matrix slots by clicking on the Reset button. This costs 1,000,000 mesos, will reset the enhancement level of all slots, and will refund all spent Matrix Points as well. There is no increase in costs or cooldown on resetting.

MapleStory Slot Enhancement Reset


  • A Skill Node's highest Rank is normally 25, but can be increased to up to 30 via Slot Enhancement.
  • A Boost Node's highest Rank is normally 50, but can be increased to up to 55 via Slot Enhancement.
  • The Rank of a Skill Node and the level of the Node slot determine the level of the obtained skill (excluding Special Nodes).
    • Ex: If a Rank 2 Skill Node is equipped in a Lv. 3 Node slot, then the subsequent Skill will be Lv. 5.
  • While Special Nodes can be equipped into Enhanced Slots, they will gain no benefit from doing so.

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