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Burning Field

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Hunting grounds that haven't been visited by adventurers for a long time are converted into Burning Fields. Depending on the Stage of the Burning Field, you can earn more EXP.

Finding Burning Fields

Burning Field is a buff that's applied to hunting fields with Lv. 100+ monsters that not a lot of players have visited. You can find out whether a field is a Burning Field by the notification message that's displayed on the center of the screen upon entering.

MapleStory Burning Stages

EXP Based on Burning Stage

A Burning Field's Stages can go up to Stage 10. The more time the field has been left untouched, the higher the Stage of the Burning Field it will turn into, and the more EXP players can earn.

Burning Field's StageBonus EXP
Stage 1 10% Bonus EXP
Stage 2 20% Bonus EXP
Stage 3 30% Bonus EXP
Stage 4 40% Bonus EXP
Stage 5 50% Bonus EXP
Stage 6 60% Bonus EXP
Stage 7 70% Bonus EXP
Stage 8 80% Bonus EXP
Stage 9 90% Bonus EXP
Stage 10 100% Bonus EXP


  • If you consistently hunt on a Burning Field, the Burning Stage will go down as time passes. And after the last Stage, it turns into a normal hunting field.
  • Some zones cannot become Burning Fields, such as those for party quests or boss content.

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