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Star Force Hunting

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Mysterious stars have dropped in Maple World, and monsters that have grown more powerful due to these stars have appeared. Hunt monsters on Star Force Hunting Zones and obtain bonus EXP and powerful rewards!

Hunting Star Force Monsters

Portals that lead to Star Force Hunting Zones are displayed in red on the mini-map and on the field.

MapleStory Red Portal to Star Force Hunting Zones

After you've entered a Star Force Hunting Zone through a portal, the amount of required Star Force is displayed via a message on the center of the screen.

MapleStory Star Force Needed

Monsters on Star Force Hunting Zones have a barrier around them. If you have less than the required amount of Star Force, you will deal reduced damage to the monsters, and the monsters will also deal increased damage to you.

Enhance your equipment with Star Force to remove the barrier and enjoy an effective hunt!

MapleStory Effects of Star Force

Checking Your Star Force

MapleStory Star Force in Stats and World


  • If you equip an overall item, double the normal Star Force is applied (as the overall equipment takes up a Top and Bottom slot).

MapleStory Star Force Tooltip

  • Damage Bonus or Reduction can be viewed on the Star Force UI.

Star Force Hunting Locations

Star Force Hunting Zones are found across 8 regions:

  • Minar Forest
  • Clocktower Bottom Floor
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Temple of Time
  • Gate to the Future
  • Kerning Tower
  • Lion King's Castle
  • Omega Sector
  • Stone Colossus

You can find Star Force Hunting Zone locations through the Star icons on the world map, and you can hover over the icon with your cursor to find out information about the monsters on the corresponding field.

MapleStory Potential Ranks

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