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Random Portals

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What are Random Portals?

Enter Random Portals that might suddenly appear out of nowhere as you eliminate monsters near your level, and earn an incredible amount of EXP and other rewards!

MapleStory Types of Random Portals


  • You cannot enter Random Portals while in a party.
  • Random Portals will disappear if you don't enter within ~90 seconds.
  • Monsters need to be within 20 levels of your character to potentially create a Random Portal.

Inferno Wolf's Den

Eliminate the Inferno Wolf along with other players within the 20-second time limit!

MapleStory Inferno Wolf's Den

The EXP and other rewards earned will depend on the amount of damage you dealt to the Inferno Wolf before time elapses. When the Inferno Wolf is completely eliminated, you can click on the lightbulb icon above your character to claim your rewards.

There are three potential Inferno Wolves to battle, depending on your character's level upon entering the portal. Higher level Inferno Wolves grant more EXP when defeated.:

  • Lv. 199 or below: Normal Inferno Wolf (appearing with Green flames)
  • Lv. 200 - 259: Chaos Inferno Wolf (appearing with Red flames)
  • Lv. 260 or above: Extreme Inferno Wolf (appearing with Purple flames)


  • If you succeed in eliminating the Inferno Wolf within the time limit, you can obtain a Super Advanced Hunter Pouch.
  • You can enter Inferno Wolf's Den up to 5 times per day.

Pollo and Fritto's Bounty Hunting

You will enter one of the 8 Bounty Hunting activities at random upon entering a Bounty Hunting Portal.


  • Random Portals aren't the only way to enter a Bounty Hunting map. You can also use a special entry ticket, which can be earned through some events.

MapleStory Bounty Hunting Pollo and Fritto Entry Ticket

  • Pollo and Fritto Entry Tickets can only be used on fields where there are monsters near your level.
  • You can enter Bounty Hunt up to 20 times a day.

Pollo's Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunting

Protect Pollo by eliminating the monsters that swarm him for 3 minutes!

MapleStory Bounty Hunting

You gain EXP immediately upon defeating monsters, but if Pollo's HP reaches 0, you will fail the challenge and be forced to leave the map.

Guard the Castle Gates

Protect the town nestled behind the castle walls for 5 minutes, defeating the monsters seeking to sack it!

MapleStory Castle Gates

You gain EXP immediately upon defeating monsters. Use the arrow portals to quickly move up and down between the platforms. When a monster manages to get past you and through into the Castle Gates, you'll lose one LIFE, and if your LIFE reaches 0, you'll fail the Bounty Hunting mission.

Catch the Prankster Stormwing

Find Stormwings that are hiding among the many monsters of the area before time expires!

MapleStory Stormwing

You'll start the hunt with a 30-second time limit, and every time you eliminate a Stormwing, you'll add another 6 seconds to the time limit. Up to 5 Stormwings can be eliminated, and you'll receive EXP for every enemy you defeat. Once you've defeated 200 monsters, you'll have succeeded in the hunt and be taken to the exit map.

Fritto's Bounty Hunting

Eagle Hunting

Aim with your cursor to hunt eagles and earn points!

MapleStory Eagle Hunt

You can earn a different amount of points depending on the eagle type, ranging from 200 points for Gold Eagles and -50 points for Bald Eagles. You can take a total of 20 shots within the 30-second time limit to reach the maximum of 1,000 points, so pick your targets carefully and don't miss! Once the time limit elapses, you'll earn rewards based on the amount of points you've earned.

Dragon Egg Stealing

Find the portal that leads you to the top and seize the Dragon Egg!

MapleStory Dragon Egg Stealing

Each floor has two portals, one will lead you up a floor, the other will end the Bounty Hunt. You'll receive greater rewards based on the number of floors you've reached.

Courtship Dance

Enter commands within the 60-second time limit to... well, seduce the chicken!

MapleStory Countship Dance

The more you succeed, the number of commands you need to enter increases as well. The more precise you are, the better rewards you'll get. Keep going for the maximum rewards!

Especia's Totem Slash

After 3 normal Bounty Hunter Portals, a purple Bounty Hunter Portal will appear that allows the player to participate in the Totem Slash minigame.

MapleStory Especia Portal

In Especia's Totem Slash, a bar will appear with a sword/arrow that will quickly bounce back and forth along the bar. The objective of the minigame is to clear out the totem as quickly as possible. Hitting the red part of the bar slashes 2 segments, hitting the yellow part of the bar slashes 4 segments, and hitting anywhere else slashes only 1 segment. There is also a chance that golden totem pieces will appear, granting bonus EXP when destroyed.

MapleStory Esfetia's Totem Slash

Once the Totem has been completely destroyed or the timer elapses the minigame will end, rewarding additional bonus EXP based on the time remaining.


Random Portal Rewards
Inferno Wolf's Den EXP and Hunter's Pouch
Pollo's Bounty Hunting Bounty Hunt EXP
Guard the Castle Gates
Catch the Prankster Stormwing
Fritto's Bounty Hunting Eagle Hunting EXP and Hunter's Pouch
Dragon Egg Stealing
Courtship Dance
Especia's Totem Slash EXP

MapleStory Random Portal Rewards


  • Hunter's Pouches are 7-day durational items.
  • Hunter's Pouches and items obtained from the pouch, excluding Occult Cubes and Spell Traces, are not tradeable.

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