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Guilds and Alliances

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What is a Guild?

A guild is a group created by like-minded people to enjoy the game together, where they can gain the benefits of various perks, including Guild Skills, Guild-Exclusive Items, and Guild Activities. You can create your own guild, or request to join another guild to enjoy special adventures with friends (and make new ones!).

Creating a Guild

You can move to the Guild Base: Hall of Heroes through Lea in each town or through the Guild UI.

MapleStory Move to Guild Base via Lea
Via NPC Lea

MapleStory Move to Guild Base via Guild UI
Via Guild UI

You can create a guild through Heracle in the Guild Base: Hall of Heroes with a Lv. 101+ character by paying a 5,000,000 meso fee.

MapleStory Create a Guild

Guild UI

You can bring up the Guild UI with the default hotkey [G].

If you have not joined a guild, you will be able to search through guilds that are currently promoting themselves, or search for a specific guild, and request to join them. If you are a member of a guild, whether one you created or joined, you will be able to see your guild's information and various actions.

If you are not yet a member of a guild:

MapleStory Searching for Guilds

If you are a member of a guild:

MapleStory Guild UI

  1. Join Settings: Allows Guild Leaders to set the guild's preferences, such as main activities, active time, age group and other factors, to let other players looking for a guild know if your playstyle matches what they're looking for.
  2. Guild Information: Displays the guild's Guild Points, number of guild members, and Guild Leader.
  3. Guild Ranking: Displays the guild's rankings such as Weekly Honor EXP Rank, Flag Race Ranking, and Sharenian Culvert Ranking.
  4. Greeting: You can write a Guild Greeting to be displayed to Guild Members and potential new recruits (up to 150 characters, 75 special characters).
  5. Check-in: You can check in your attendance once per day, granting additional Honor EXP to your guild based on the number of Guild Members who have checked in. You can also select [View Attendance] to see which guild members have checked in that day.
  6. Leave Guild: You can leave the guild by pressing the [Leave Guild] button, and will immediately leave upon confirming with the subsequent [OK] button.
  7. Your Activity: You can check your rank within the guild and the Contributions you've earned for the guild.

Guild Contribution

When a guild member takes part in various activities, they gain Contribution Points and Honor EXP for their guild, increasing its level and earning them 3 Guild Points (GP) for every 10 Contribution Points earned.

MapleStory Guild Contribution Points

You can gain Contribution Points via the activities below:

ContentHow to ObtainContribution Points Earned
Flag Race (3 times a day) Participation Reward 50
Sharenian Culvert (Once a week) Participation Reward 1,000
Attendance Check (Once a day) Attendance Check 30
Boss Raid Boss Battling See Appendix
  • You cannot earn more than 5,000 Guild Contribution Points per day.
  • Once a guild reaches Lv. 30, Honor EXP is no longer accumulated. However, the earned Honor EXP is still counted towards the guild's Weekly Honor EXP Rank, and also earns the player Guild Points (GP).


  • With the Attendance Check, the guild can earn additional Honor EXP based on the number of members that check in each day.
Members Checked-InAdditional Honor EXP
15+ members 50
30+ members 100
60+ members 1,000
100+ members 2,000

Guild Points (GP)

Guild Points (GP) are used in various places, such as Guild Advertisements and Guild Megaphones, as well as Guild Expansion, Guild Emblem change, and more.

Guild Advertisement and Guild Megaphone

MapleStory Guild Advertisement and Megaphone

When you press the [Join Settings] button in the Guild UI, you can use [Advertise] and [Guild Megaphone] to help spread the word about your guild. Each use of the Advertise and Guild Megaphone feature costs 1,500 GP.

Guild Expansion

MapleStory Guild Expansion

You can expand the guild through Heracle in Guild Base: Hall of Heroes, increasing the maximum number of allowed members by 10 each purchase, up to a maximum of 200 members. The amount of GP required to expand the guild changes based on the current max guild members, starting at 10,000 GP and increasing by 10,000 GP with each purchase.

Guild Expansion
(Current Max Members +10)
Current Max MembersGP Required
20 10,000
30 20,000
40 30,000
50 40,000
60 50,000
70 60,000
80 70,000
90 80,000
100 90,000
110 100,000
120 110,000
130 120,000
140 130,000
150 140,000
160 150,000
170 160,000
180 170,000
190 180,000

Changing Guild Emblem

MapleStory Guild Emblem Preset

You can spend 150,000 GP to change the Guild Emblem, using a collection of symbols, colors and backgrounds to create an emblem that truly reflects your guild.

MapleStory Guild Emblem Upload

Lv. 10+ Guilds Only: Custom Guild Emblems

Lv. 10 and higher guilds can also upload a custom 17x17 JPG to act as their Guild Emblem, in exchange for 225,000 GP. While you are free to unleash your creativity to create the best emblem possible, please be careful when creating your Guild Emblem and keep the following rules in mind:

  • The uploaded image size must be 17x17 pixels. If the size does not match, it cannot be registered.
  • All images must be in JPG format.
  • Inappropriate images will be removed with no GP refund, and may result in additional sanctions.

Guild Skills

MapleStory Guild Skills

Guild Skills include both Normal Guild Skills and Noblesse Guild Skills.

Normal Guild Skills

For Normal Guild Skills, with each level a guild increases by, it also gains 2 Guild Skill Points, and may unlock new skills. The Guild Master can invest in or reset the existing skills through the Guild UI.

Normal Guild Skill Type
TypeRequired Guild LevelSkill NameSkill Description
Passive 1 Spotting Small Change Get bonus mesos when hunting monsters.
Passive 1 Banner of Plenty I Every Monday, you'll get guild potions that fully restore your HP/MP and Guild Blessings that raise your ATT/Magic ATT.
Passive 1 Stand United Reduces the damage taken by guild members.
Passive 3 Guild Expertise When a guild member eliminates normal monsters between Lv. 101 - 200, they earn more EXP.
Active 5 On My Way Moves you to the guild mate of your choice in the same channel. Cannot be used on all maps.
Passive 5 Guild on Fire I Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
Passive 5 Amidst the Stars Increases guild member Star Force rating.
Passive 10 Merchandising Get discounts when purchasing items from stores and bonuses when selling items to stores.
Passive 10 Banner of Plenty Ⅱ On Mondays, get even better Banner of Plenty benefits.
Passive 10 Team Players Increases guild members' damage against normal monsters.
Active 15 I Summon Thee Moves a guild mate of your choice to your location on the same channel. Cannot be used on all maps. Can only be used on guild mates who have higher level than you.
Active 15 Rise, Minions! Revives all party members. If they are part of your guild, restores full MP as well.
Passive 15 Enhancement Mastery Increases your success rate when you use regular scrolls or Spell Traces (excludes Special Scrolls)
Passive 15 Guild on Fire II Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
Passive 20 Item Salvation When you fail a scroll and your item is about to be destroyed, there's a chance your item won't be destroyed.
Passive 20 Banner of Plenty III On Mondays, get even better Banner of Plenty benefits.
Passive 20 Well-Rounded Boosts guild member stats.
Passive 20 Fearless Decreases the amount of EXP you lose when you die.
Passive 25 Upgrade Salvation When you fail a scroll or Spell Trace enhancement, there's a chance the upgrade count will not be consumed.
Passive 25 Arcane Force Boosts the Arcane Power of guild members. Must have completed A Greater Power quest to receive the effect.
Passive 25 Guild on Fire III Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
Active 30 Sharenian Monster Mount Allows you to ride a Sharenian Monster Mount. Double-tap the jump key to use the High Altitude Flight skill.

Noblesse Guild Skills

Skill points for Noblesse Guild Skills can be only obtained through the Sharenian Culvert and Flag Races. Guild Masters can invest the obtained Skill Points to learn additional skills!

Noblesse Guild Skill Type
TypeRequired Guild LevelSkill NameSkill Description
Active 1 Boss Slayers Temporarily increases damage when attacking bosses.
Active 1 Undeterred Temporarily ignores enemies' defense at a set percentage when attacking.
Active 1 For the Guild! Temporarily increases total damage at a set percentage.
Active 1 Hard Hitter Temporarily increases critical damage at a set percentage.

Guild Content

Sharenian Culvert and Flag Race can be accessed through the Guild Contents menu, which also tracks your guild's score, rank, rewards and more from Weekly Missions, Sharenian Culvert, and the Flag Race.

MapleStory Guild Contents

Sharenian Culvert

MapleStory Sharenian Culvert

A grid of ancient Sharenian waterways, long thought to have disappeared long ago, have been rediscovered. Head into the culvert with explorer Daedal and do battle with the demon Arcanus!

Flag Race

A good, old-fashioned race to the finish line all on one map. Follow the course as it's laid out, show off your platforming excellence, and complete it three times to win!

Guild Ranking

MapleStory Guild Rankings

You can check the guild's Weekly Honor EXP Rank, Flag Race Ranking, Sharenian Culvert Ranking, and more in the Guild UI. Some time needs to elapse for Sharenian Culvert runs to register in the rankings.


  • The rankings can also be viewed through an Honorable Rock located in some towns.

MapleStory Honorable Rock

Guild Unions/Alliances

MapleStory Guild Alliance Menu

Note: MapleStory's UI uses "Guild Alliance" and "Guild Union" interchangeably. Both are valid, and mean the same thing.

A Guild Alliance (or Guild Union) is a group created by like-minded guilds, to create an alliance of up to 5 guilds. When you become a Guild Alliance, you can chat through Alliance Chat even between different guilds.

How do you make a Guild Alliance?

You can create a Guild Alliance through Lenario in Guild Base: Hall of Heroes.

MapleStory Making Guild Union

The Guild Alliance can be created with at least 2 Guild Masters in a party and by paying 500,000,000 mesos. You can have up to 5 guilds in an Alliance. The leader of the party when a new Guild Alliance is created will become the Alliance Leader, so make sure the right player is the party leader! Guilds can leave Guild Alliance at any time, and can only be a member of one Guild Alliance at a time.


  • Amount of Guild Contribution obtained upon boss elimination details
Boss Elimination Guild Contribution
Boss NameIndividual ContributionParty Contribution
[Easy] Zakum/Papulatus/Magnus
[Normal] Zakum
100 500
[Easy] Horntail/Von Leon
[Normal] Hilla/Pierre/Von Bon/Crimson Queen/Vellum/Horntail
150 1,000
[Easy] Arkarium 200 1,500
[Normal] OMNI-CLN/Pink Bean/Von Leon
[Chaos] Horntail
250 1,500
[Normal] Arkarium/Magnus/Papulatus
[Hard] Von Leon
500 2,000
[Easy] Cygnus
[Normal] Cygnus
[Hard] Hilla
[Chaos] Pink Bean/Zakum/Pierre/Von Bon/Crimson Queen
1000 2,000
[Hard] Magnus
[Chaos] Vellum/Papulatus
1250 2,500
[Normal] Lotus/Damien/Lucid/Will/Gloom/Darknell
[Hard] Damien/Lotus/Lucid/Will/Verus Hilla
1500 3,000
[Hard] Black Mage 2000 3,000

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