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Transfer Hammer

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Transfer Hammers are mysterious hammers that allow Lv. 40+ characters to transfer the stat bonuses from Star Force Enhancement, Potentials, Bonus Potentials and Soul Weapon enhancements from a lower-level item to a higher-level item. Keep most of the hard-earned improvements from your best items when you find a new, better base item to replace it!

Using the Transfer Hammer

You can use the Transfer Hammer by clicking on the blue hammer button on the bottom of the inventory screen.

MapleStory Using the Transfer Hammer

Extracting Equipment Stats

You can use the Transfer Hammer if your equipment meets the following two conditions.

Transfer Hammer Usage Requirement

  • Equipment must have at least 1 Star Force Enhancement for its abilities to be extracted.
  • The Level Requirement of the receiving item must be 1-10 levels higher than the Level Requirement of the extracted item, or 1-20 levels if the extracting item is Lv. 99 or below. For example:
    • You can transfer stats of a Lv. 110 item to an item with a level as high as Lv. 120, but not to a Lv. 90 or Lv. 130 item.
    • You can transfer stats of a Lv. 90 item to an item with a level as high as Lv. 110, but not to a Lv. 120 item.

MapleStory Transfer Hammer Window


  • The Transfer Hammer Menu will only display items for extraction if there is an item in your inventory that can receive the transferred stats.

Transferring Equipment Stats

The extracting item and receiving item must have the same Equipment Type in order for the transfer to work (Hat to Hat, Cape to Cape, Ring to Ring, etc), and weapons must be of the same type for a transfer to function (Bow to Bow, Two-Handed Sword to Two-Handed Sword, etc). The only exception for this is that Overalls, as they effectively equip in both the Top and Bottom slot, can extract and transfer stats to both Top and Bottom items (as well as other Overalls).

If there are available upgrades left on the receiving item, use the 100% scrolls for the remaining number of times to enhance the equipment. At this time, Spell Traces will not be consumed, and if you do not wish to use the 100% scroll, you'll need to finish upgrading the equipment to receive the stats before you can transfer the stats.

MapleStory Transfer Hammer Process

Before completing the transfer, hover the cursor over the resulting item to review the resulting stats and make sure that you want to proceed with the transfer, as the extracted item will be consumed.

MapleStory Transfer Hammer Checking In

Finally, be sure to review the last notice that pops-up, and click OK if you're ready to transfer the item's stats and enjoy your new, powered-up item!

MapleStory Notes on the Transfer Hammer

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