Legendary Familiar Booster Pack Rates

Legendary Familiar Booster Pack Rates

MapleStory Familiars Legendary Booster Pack Icon

Legendary Familiar Booster Pack:

  • Price (1): 12,500 NX

The Legendary Familiar Booster Pack contains three random Epic, or Unique, or Legendary Familiars. You will also receive a Volatile Legendary Familiar Stamp upon opening the Legendary Familiar Booster Pack. This stamp is permanent and untradeable. Collect 15 Volatile Legendary Familiar Stamps to receive a Volatile Unique Familiar Ticket, which can be used to receive a random Unique Familiar, or 30 Volatile Legendary Familiar Stamps to receive a Volatile Legendary Familiar Ticket, which can be used to receive a random Legendary Familiar.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Familiar Slot 1:

Rank Rate
Epic 100.00%
Familiar Rank Rate
Jr. Boogie Familiar Epic 1.58%
Mano Familiar Epic 1.58%
Fairy Familiar Epic 1.58%
Orange Mushroom Familiar Epic 2.11%
Serpent Familiar Epic 2.11%
Stumpy Familiar Epic 2.11%
Rooster Familiar Epic 2.11%
Devil Slime Familiar Epic 2.11%
Yellow Lizard Familiar Epic 2.11%
Dyle Familiar Epic 2.11%
King Slime Familiar Epic 1.58%
Renegade Spores Familiar Epic 1.58%
Faust Familiar Epic 1.58%
Gold Yeti and King Pepe Familiar Epic 1.58%
Scarred Bear Familiar Epic 1.58%
Lord Skeleton Familiar Epic 1.58%
Prime Minister Familiar Epic 1.58%
Enraged Golem Familiar Epic 1.58%
King Clang Familiar Epic 1.58%
Eliza Familiar Epic 1.58%
Angry Stray Dog Familiar Epic 1.58%
Black Ratz Familiar Epic 2.11%
Pixiemom Familiar Epic 2.11%
Angry Frankenroid Familiar Epic 1.58%
Mastema Familiar Epic 1.05%
Mastema Familiar Epic 1.05%
Mastema Familiar Epic 1.05%
Wind Guardian Epic 1.58%
Cloud Guardian Epic 1.58%
Dreamy Ghost Familiar Epic 1.58%
Calico Timcat Familiar Epic 1.58%
Gray Tomcat Familiar Epic 1.58%
Captain Blood Pirate Familiar Epic 1.58%
Blood Pirate Lookout Familiar Epic 1.58%
Roving Hoodlum Familiar Epic 1.90%
Hazard's Vile Crony Familiar Epic 1.90%
Hazard's Rotten Crony Familiar Epic 1.90%
Swollen Dark Stump Familiar Epic 1.90%
Pillaging Iron Boar Familiar Epic 1.90%
Sinister Rocky Mask Familiar Epic 1.90%
Ancient Dark Golem Familiar Epic 1.90%
Destroyed Doll Familiar Epic 1.90%
Red Snail Familiar Epic 2.11%
Slime Familiar Epic 2.11%
Ribbon Pig Familiar Epic 2.11%
Zombie Mushroom Familiar Epic 2.11%
Star Pixie Familiar Epic 2.11%
Burning Soliude Familiar Epic 1.58%
Burning Terror Familiar Epic 1.58%
Burning Rage Familiar Epic 1.58%
Burning Anxiety Familiar Epic 1.58%
Burning Vanity Familiar Epic 1.58%
Corrupted Master Familiar Epic 1.90%
Corrupted Windreaver Familiar Epic 1.90%
Corrupted Flamekeeper Familiar Epic 1.90%
Corrupted Shadowknight Familiar Epic 1.90%
Corrupted Stormcaster Familiar Epic 1.90%

Familiar Slot 2:

Rank Rate
Epic 66.86%
Unique 33.14%
Familiar Rank Rate
Queen Pepe Familiar Epic 1.34%
Red Drake Familiar Epic 1.34%
Snow Witch Familiar Epic 1.34%
Toy Black Knight Familiar Epic 1.34%
Seruf Familiar Epic 1.34%
Nine-Tailed Fox Familiar Epic 1.34%
JR. Balrog Familiar Epic 1.34%
Bamboo Warrior Familiar Epic 1.34%
Gentleman Familiar Epic 1.34%
Timer Familiar Epic 1.34%
Rurumo Familiar Epic 1.34%
Tae Roon Familiar Epic 1.34%
Sage Cat Familiar Epic 1.34%
Master Soul Teddy Familiar Epic 1.34%
Soaring Hawk Familiar Epic 1.34%
Hankie Familiar Epic 1.34%
Master Hoblin Familiar Epic 1.34%
Master Death Teddy Familiar Epic 1.34%
Master Birk Familiar Epic 1.34%
Griffey Familiar Epic 1.34%
Rellik Familiar Epic 1.34%
Snowman Familiar Epic 1.34%
Papulatus Clock Familiar Epic 1.34%
Lycanthrope Familiar Epic 1.34%
Eye of Time Familiar Epic 1.34%
Dodo Familiar Epic 0.84%
Oz Familiar Epic 0.84%
Eckhart Familiar Epic 0.84%
Krakia Jungle Bug Familiar Epic 1.01%
Sinister Jungle Monkey Familiar Epic 1.01%
Violent Jungle Monkey Familiar Epic 1.01%
Jungle Bear Warrior Familiar Epic 1.01%
Jungle Monkey Warrior Familiar Epic 1.01%
Gryphon Warrior Familiar Epic 1.01%
Krakian Spirit Familiar Epic 1.01%
Elderwraith Familiar Epic 1.01%
Stormbreaker Familiar Epic 1.01%
Warrior Specter Familiar Epic 1.01%
Magician Specter Familiar Epic 1.01%
Demon Soldier Familiar Epic 0.91%
Dark Demon Axeman Familiar Epic 0.91%
Dark Demon Shieldbearer Familiar Epic 0.91%
Devil Murukun Familiar Epic 0.91%
Devil Mukuru Familiar Epic 0.91%
Happy Erda Familiar Epic 0.91%
Raging Erda Familiar Epic 0.91%
Ewenana Familiar Epic 0.91%
Unripe Wolfruit Familiar Epic 0.91%
Crilia Familiar Epic 0.91%
Paper Bag Alley Citizen Familiar Epic 0.91%
Gallina Familiar Epic 0.91%
Dreamkeepers Familiar Epic 0.91%
Red-eyed Gargoyle Familiar Epic 0.91%
Deo Familiar Epic 0.91%
Discordant Spirit Familiar Epic 0.91%
Ephenia Familiar Epic 0.67%
Blazing Erda Familiar Epic 1.11%
Warmer Bot Familiar Epic 1.11%
Shaver Bot Familiar Epic 1.11%
Demolishizer Familiar Epic 1.11%
Alishar Familiar Unique 0.74%
Starling Familiar Unique 0.67%
Crow Familiar Unique 0.67%
Papa Pixie Familiar Unique 0.74%
Shammos Familiar Unique 0.74%
Prison Guard Ani Familiar Unique 0.67%
Crimson Balrog Familiar Unique 0.67%
Dragonoir Familiar Unique 0.67%
Ifia Familiar Unique 0.67%
Coco Familiar Unique 0.67%
Dances with Balrog's Clone Familiar Unique 0.50%
Grendel the Really Old's Clone Familiar Unique 0.50%
Athena Pierce's Clone Familiar Unique 0.50%
Dark Lord's Clone Familiar Unique 0.50%
Shadow Kyrin Familiar Unique 0.50%
Ultimate Visitor Familiar Unique 0.50%
Papulatus Familiar Unique 0.50%
Castle Golem Familiar Unique 0.50%
Martial Artist Familiar Unique 0.50%
Handsome Monk Familiar Unique 0.27%
Pink Bean Familiar Unique 0.27%
False Daimyo Familiar Unique 0.27%
Shinsoo Familiar Unique 0.27%
Cygnus Familiar Unique 0.27%
Oura Shogun Familiar Unique 0.50%
Renka Familiar Unique 0.50%
Mikagami Familiar Unique 0.50%
Miroku Familiar Unique 0.50%
Black Knight Familiar Unique 0.67%
Mad Mage Familiar Unique 0.67%
Rampant Cyborg Familiar Unique 0.67%
Vicious Hunter Familiar Unique 0.67%
Bad Brawler Familiar Unique 0.67%
Velderoth Familiar Unique 0.67%
Flying Master of Disguise Familiar Unique 0.67%
Master of Disguise Familiar Unique 0.67%
Dargoth Familiar Unique 0.67%
Black Witch Familiar Unique 0.67%
Gelimer Familiar Unique 0.50%
Ergoth Familiar Unique 0.67%
Magnificent Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.61%
Warrior Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.61%
Mage Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.61%
Bowman Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.61%
Thief Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.64%
Pirate Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.64%
Lil Zakum Familiar Unique 0.64%
Lil Horntail Familiar Unique 0.64%
Giant Blackheart Familiar Unique 0.64%
Reaper Specter Familiar Unique 0.64%
Combat Mushroom Familiar Unique 0.64%
Uncontrollable Maha Familiar Unique 0.71%
Princess No Familiar Unique 0.71%
Damien Familiar Unique 0.71%
Orchid Familiar Unique 0.71%
Lotus Familiar Unique 0.71%

Familiar Slot 3:

Rank Rate
Epic 43.83%
Unique 41.13%
Legendary 15.04%
Familiar Rank Rate
Pinboom Familiar Epic 1.37%
Helly Familiar Epic 1.37%
Wild Kargo Familiar Epic 1.37%
Cleric Visitor Familiar Epic 1.37%
Scuba Pepe Familiar Epic 1.37%
Lord Pirate Familiar Epic 1.37%
Door Block Familiar Epic 1.37%
Chief Gray Familiar Epic 1.37%
Zeno Familiar Epic 1.37%
Hoblin Hector Familiar Epic 1.37%
Panda Familiar Epic 1.37%
AF Android Familiar Epic 1.37%
King Sage Cat Familiar Epic 1.37%
Chimera Familiar Epic 1.37%
King Centipede Familiar Epic 1.37%
Kentaurus King Familiar Epic 1.37%
Ergoth Familiar Epic 1.37%
Master Harp Familiar Epic 1.37%
Manon Familiar Epic 1.37%
Margana Familiar Epic 1.37%
Flyeye Familiar Epic 1.37%
Bearwolf Familiar Epic 1.37%
Gatekeeper Familiar Epic 1.37%
Riche Familiar Epic 1.03%
Leviathan Familiar Epic 1.03%
Wolf Underling Familiar Epic 1.03%
The Boss Familiar Epic 1.03%
Mihile Familiar Epic 0.46%
Irena Familiar Epic 0.46%
Hawkeye Familiar Epic 0.46%
Lil Moonbeam Familiar Epic 0.46%
Petite Lania Familiar Epic 0.46%
Spirit of Rock Familiar Epic 0.46%
Inner Rage Familiar Epic 0.46%
Gold Dragon Familiar Epic 0.46%
Red Tiger Familiar Epic 0.46%
Angry Guard Dog Familiar Epic 0.46%
Master Specter Familiar Epic 0.46%
Halloween Pumpkin Familiar Epic 0.46%
Dracula Bear Familiar Epic 0.46%
NooNoo Familiar Epic 0.46%
Blazin' Brazier Familiar Epic 0.46%
Blackheart Negative Familiar Epic 0.46%
Mummy Familiar Epic 0.46%
Alpha Lingling Familiar Epic 0.46%
Alishar Familiar Unique 0.80%
Starling Familiar Unique 0.98%
Crow Familiar Unique 0.98%
Papa Pixie Familiar Unique 0.98%
Shammos Familiar Unique 0.98%
Prison Guard Ani Familiar Unique 0.80%
Crimson Balrog Familiar Unique 1.03%
Dragonoir Familiar Unique 1.03%
Ifia Familiar Unique 1.03%
Coco Familiar Unique 1.03%
Dances with Balrog's Clone Familiar Unique 0.80%
Grendel the Really Old's Clone Familiar Unique 0.80%
Athena Pierce's Clone Familiar Unique 0.80%
Dark Lord's Clone Familiar Unique 0.80%
Shadow Kyrin Familiar Unique 0.80%
Ultimate Visitor Familiar Unique 0.80%
Papulatus Familiar Unique 0.80%
Castle Golem Familiar Unique 0.80%
Martial Artist Familiar Unique 0.46%
Handsome Monk Familiar Unique 0.46%
Pink Bean Familiar Unique 0.34%
Daimyo Familiar Unique 0.23%
Shinsoo Familiar Unique 0.23%
Cygnus Familiar Unique 0.23%
Oura Shogun Familiar Unique 0.68%
Renka Familiar Unique 0.68%
Mikagami Familiar Unique 0.68%
Miroku Familiar Unique 0.68%
Black Knight Familiar Unique 0.75%
Mad Mage Familiar Unique 0.75%
Rampant Cyborg Familiar Unique 0.75%
Vicious Hunter Familiar Unique 0.75%
Bad Brawler Familiar Unique 0.75%
Velderoth Familiar Unique 0.91%
Flying Master of Disguise Familiar Unique 0.68%
Master of Disguise Familiar Unique 0.68%
Dargoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Black Witch Familiar Unique 0.68%
Gelimer Familiar Unique 0.68%
Ergoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Magnificent Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Warrior Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Mage Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Bowman Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Thief Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Pirate Lil' Murgoth Familiar Unique 0.68%
Lil Zakum Familiar Unique 0.68%
Lil Horntail Familiar Unique 0.68%
Giant Blackheart Familiar Unique 0.68%
Reaper Specter Familiar Unique 0.68%
Combat Mushroom Familiar Unique 0.68%
Uncontrollable Maha Unique 0.68%
Princess No Familiar Unique 0.68%
Damien Familiar Unique 0.91%
Orchid Familiar Unique 0.91%
Lotus Familiar Unique 0.91%
Mano Familiar Legendary 0.50%
Stumpy Familiar Legendary 0.50%
Dyle Familiar Legendary 0.46%
Faust Familiar Legendary 0.46%
Lord Skeleton Familiar Legendary 0.46%
Alishar Familiar Legendary 0.46%
King Clang Familiar Legendary 0.46%
Pixiemom Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Queen Pepe Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Papa Pixie Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Eliza Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Toy Black Knight Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Nine-Tailed Fox Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Timer Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Zeno Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Deo Familiar Legendary 0.43%
Rurumo Familiar Legendary 0.43%
D. Roy Familiar Legendary 0.43%
King Sage Cat Familiar Legendary 0.43%
King Centipede Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Dragonoir Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Master Hoblin Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Master Harp Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Master Birk Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Kentaurus King Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Coco Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Snowman Familiar Legendary 0.25%
Papulatus Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Riche Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Leviathan Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Martial Artist Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Pink Bean Familiar Legendary 0.18%
False Daimyo Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Cygnus Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Lapis Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Lazuli Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Hilla Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Magnus Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Chaos Von Bon Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Mori Ranmaru Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Princess No Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Flying Master of Disguise Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Lotus Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Lotus Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Demolishizer Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Omega Nenne Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Omega Tutu Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Damien Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Dorothy Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Lucid Familiar Legendary 0.18%
Dreaming Lucid Familiar Legendary 0.11%
Will Familiar Legendary 0.11%
Chosen Seren Familiar Legendary 0.11%