Destiny Surprise Style Box Rates

Destiny Surprise Style Box Rates

Destiny Surprise Style Box Icon

Destiny Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 3,400 NX
  • Price (11): 34,000 NX

The Destiny Surprise Style Box holds a decorative equip item to celebrate the Destiny update and revamped Explorer characters! There are 50 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Item NameTypeRate
Eternal Oath Hat 2.00%
Fated Judge Overall 2.00%
Fated Executioner Overall
Eternal Orbit Cape 2.00%
Residing Eternity Shoes 2.00%
Wandering Eternity Shoes
Fated Destiny Weapon 2.00%
Destiny Chat Ring Ring 2.00%
Destiny Label Ring Ring 2.00%
Orchid Hairpin Hat 2.00%
Lucid Hairpin Hat 2.00%
Will Hairpin Hat 2.00%
Damien Hairpin Hat 2.00%
Dreamy Night Effect Ring Ring 2.00%
Magnificent Night Effect Ring Ring 2.00%
Cursed Hunter Hood Hat 2.00%
Cursed Hunter Suit Overall 2.00%
Cursed Hunter Cape Cape 2.00%
Cursed Bow Weapon 2.00%
Cursed Hunter Shoes Shoes 2.00%
Umbral Cap Hat 2.00%
Umbral Earrings Earrings 2.00%
Umbral Attire Overall 2.00%
Umbral Coat Overall 2.00%
Umbral Shoes Shoes 2.00%
Umbral Boots Shoes 2.00%
Umbral Cloak Cape 2.00%
Holo-Matrix Sword Weapon 2.00%
Bright Angel"s Halo Hat 2.00%
Bright Angel Coat Overall 2.00%
Bright Angel Boots Shoes 2.00%
Bright Angel Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Giant Bright Angel Wings Cape 2.00%
Dark Devil Horns Hat 2.00%
Dark Devil Coat Overall 2.00%
Dark Devil Boots Shoes 2.00%
Dark Devil Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Giant Dark Devil Wings Cape 2.00%
Royal Guard Helmet Hat 2.00%
Royal Guard Cap Hat 2.00%
Honorable Royal Guard Overall 2.00%
Glorious Royal Guard Overall 2.00%
Royal Guard Weapon Weapon 2.00%
Royal Guard Cape Cape 2.00%
Blue Royal Guard Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Pink Royal Guard Gloves Gloves 2.00%
Royal Guard Boots Shoes 2.00%
Royal Guard Wing Shoes Shoes 2.00%
Heavenly Aura Cape 2.00%
Void Aura Cape 2.00%
Lucifer Half Wing Cape 2.00%
Dark Silence Face Accessory 2.00%