MapleStory heats up with new character Ark, Esfera, Grand Athenaeum: Episode 5, system changes, and more!

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Prizes for Everyone

Join other Maplers in hunting monsters in-game with the Attendance Event! Reach each goal to unlock rewards for everyone when Ark is live.

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Complete Arcane River daily quests faster with decreased times and fewer stages!

Earn Arcane Symbol rewards more easily, and earn more Dream Coins and Spirit Coins!

The new Arcane Catalyst lets you move Arcane Symbols to a different character in the same world.

Use your Spell Traces to access the new Ark Innocence Scroll!

It will reset that item’s stats (except for Potential and Star Force).

Immediately after a maintenance, make up lost time and earn more EXP in Burning Fields!

When you face an Elite Boss, or monsters in Pollo & Fritto bounty hunts, their HP will now be based on the HP of other monsters in the map.

Pollo has a new mission for you! Join him and try to catch a Stormwing from a map full of monsters.

Enhance your 5th Job skills with the addition of Matrix Points!

These points enhance your Node Slots and increase the skill level of Nodes placed there.

You can spend mesos to unlock up to 2 Node Slots early.

Advance to 5th Job faster! Fill up Arcane Stones with EXP and activate them immediately.

A new adventure awaits you in Morass, the Swamp of Memory!

Help Jean look for Tana, who has disappeared, by completing 3 daily quests.

Look out for new monsters like Evaporating Erdas, and earn up to 8 Arcane Symbols every day!

Meet the friend that time forgot when you enter Mirror World in this prequel to Zero’s story.

Shadow Alchemist is the fifth episode of the Grand Athenaeum theme dungeon.

Visit Shadowvale as Eight and become part of the story.

Complete the adventure to earn a special medal: Shadow Alchemist.

Ark hails from Grandis, a world parallel to Maple World, and is part of the High Flora race.

The Flora launch a devastating civil war, and Ark is shocked by the level of destruction.

While attempting to escape, he is captured by the High Flora, and labeled a traitor.

During his captivity, an accident occurs that leaves Ark as half-Flora and half-Specter and without memory.

While Ark only wants peace for Grandis, the Specter part of him wants to destroy.

In the war-torn landscape, Ark wanders searching for peace for Grandis and peace within himself.

Ark can switch between two states.

  • Flora State uses the magical abilities of the Flora.
  • Specter State gathers its power from the abyss.

Fill the Spectra Gauge in the Flora State and use it to trigger Specter State.

Abyssal Recall

Enter Specter State and pass through the abyss to deal ferocious damage to enemies.

Insatiable Hunger

Summon the beast that resides within the abyss to lash out, consuming monsters.

Esfera is a deep sea at the end of Arcane River. This area will ultimately be the start of a new world, where there are no Transcendents.

A strange black sphere appears in the sky overhead. Could it be heralding a new darkness?

Complete the quests to receive the new Arcane Symbol: Esfera and a Luminous Throne.

MapleStory unveils its toughest boss yet! Commander Will appears as you explore Esfera.

Will exists in both Maple World and Mirror World and you must fight him in both at the same time.

Look out for Will's spider skill attacks!

Beware his reflection, which can attack with a will of its own.

Collect Arachno Coins to trade for Lv. 200 Arcane Umbra equips.

Play through Monad, a new adventure in multiple acts.

Experience the conflicts between different characters as they try to gain the Transcendent power of truth.

Experience different types of content including:

  • Saving the residents of a burning town
  • Managing the resources of a caravan

Tackle a battle where the environment is as deadly as the monster.

Stand firm as you defeat swarms of enemy monsters that keep attacking.

Beware a sure-footed creature who will chase you through a cavern as you avoid obstacles.

For a limited-time, you can play in Lab world where you can experience different concepts and try out new systems.

Try out a hardcore game style where your character's level and stats will reset after death.

Monsters will be 3x as strong, and drop rates will be doubled!

Equipment from hunting will be enhanced with Potential.

The scroll enhancement limit is removed.

All character data will be deleted when Lab world closes.

Play in Lab world, and earn rewards for your other characters in the rest of Maple World!

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