Dear MapleStory Player,

We wanted to inform you that as of November 10 2016, you will only be able to play MapleStory through the Nexon Launcher managed by Nexon America.

If you wish to continue playing MapleStory, you must have updated your account by reviewing and opting in to our new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by November 10 2016, to ensure you can start playing as soon as migration is complete.

After you’ve updated your account to a Nexon Global Account, make sure to accept the MapleStory migration and Nexon Cash Transfer agreement to have your MapleStory Europe gameplay data and NX transferred. Only then will we be able to migrate your Nexon account, NX and MapleStory Europe gameplay data to the service managed by Nexon America. Please note that if you updated your Nexon Europe account to a Nexon Global Account, but haven’t consented to the MapleStory migration, your MapleStory Europe gameplay data cannot be transferred to Nexon America’s Global MapleStory service.

Please note that due to technical limitations, some information will not be carried over from the European MapleStory service to the Global MapleStory service such as wedding data, friend’s lists, or guild data. We apologize for this unfortunate circumstance and would like to assure everyone that we plan to compensate our players for this inconvenience.

How to migrate your Nexon Europe account, MapleStory Europe gameplay data, and Nexon Cash

- If you have MapleStory Europe installed (v.111 and higher)
Follow the steps in “How to launch MapleStory after completion of migration”.

- If you do not have MapleStory Europe installed
You will receive the Global Account Migration and MapleStory migration agreement pop-up by logging in to the Nexon Europe portal website. The MapleStory migration agreement will appear only after you have updated your Nexon Europe account to a Nexon Global Account. After completing these steps, please download the Nexon Global Platform launcher by clicking on the “Play Free Now” button on the official MapleStory website. To transfer your Nexon Cash balance, please follow step 5 and onward in “How to launch MapleStory after completion of migration”.

Once you have completed the account migration process, you will soon have access to all the latest and most exciting content updates that North American players have access to. It also means you will now receive all your news and information from the North American website, newly designed forums, social media channels and support.

We thank you for your support and hope to see all of you soon on the new and improved MapleStory service!

- The MapleStory Team

How to launch MapleStory after completion of migration

MapleStory Service Migration FAQ

  • Why is the European service being migrated?

    This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to better service the Western market.

    In addition to bringing all Nexon Europe and Nexon America MapleStory players onto the same service, this migration will combine billing, customer support and other player-focused services. And European MapleStory players will be getting all the latest content updates even faster than before after the migration.

    What does this mean for me?

    As a Nexon Europe player, there will be some behind-the-scenes actions to migrate your account to the new service. First, you will need to opt into the new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then we will be able to migrate your Nexon account, as well as NX balance, and character data to the new service if you opt-in to these agreements separately.

    Your email can be the same one used for your Nexon Europe account, or any other email as long as it has not been used to register an account with Nexon America. Once this is done, the account migration will be complete and you will be able to log into your migrated account through the Global Launcher. You will need to re-download and install the client through the new Global Nexon Launcher. You will also lose some data such as Wedding, Guild, and Friend list.

  • Will my European NX totals and cash shop purchases carry over with the migration?

    Your NX Totals will safely carry over. When you log-in, a prompt to migrate NX totals will appear and you will have the option to migrate your totals. Your cash purchases will also transfer at this time.

    The Global Service differentiates NX obtained through PayPal/Credit Card (defined as NX Credit) and Prepaid Cards (defined as NX Prepaid). Your NX totals at the time of migration will be split into NX Prepaid and NX Credit based on how the NX was obtained. There are restrictions for transactions using NX Credit, please refer here for more details.

  • As a European player, where will I need to go for game announcements and community after the migration?

    All announcements for your favorite titles will appear on the Global Launcher, which will include links to official websites, forums, and social media channels.

  • I have an account in Nexon America and in Nexon Europe. Will they become one in the Nexon Global Accounts?

    If you have an American and a European account, they will become two separate Nexon Global Accounts. If both accounts use the same email address, you will receive a prompt to change your email address when you update your account to a Nexon Global Account.

  • With the migration, will I be able to merge a North America and Europe account? Will I be able to transfer a character between servers?

    No. You will not be able to merge a European account with an existing North America account and you will not be able to transfer characters between servers.

  • What happens if my game has been migrated to the Nexon Launcher and I didn't create a Nexon Global Account in time?

    Once your game has migrated to the Nexon Launcher, you will receive a notification upon logging into the Nexon Europe Launcher. You will still be able to set up your Nexon Global Account and upgrade the Nexon Europe Launcher to the new Nexon Launcher but will not be able to play on the Europe server until your Maplestory Europe gameplay data has been transferred. The Maplestory Europe gameplay data will be transferred periodically after November 9, 2016. You will however be able to play on the North America server in the meantime.

    If you experience any issues with this, please contact our Customer Support

  • I logged in with my Facebook account. How will the migration work for me?

    The first time you login with your Facebook account, you will have the opportunity to update your account to a Nexon Global Account. You will be asked to provide an email address to associate with your new Nexon Global Account.

    It will not be possible to log into the new Nexon Global Account or the Global Launcher with your Facebook account. After you have updated your account to a Global Account, you will be able to login with your email address immediately.

  • What will happen with my game and personal data?

    During the migration you will get a prompt for the new policies and agreements. Please read them carefully to be fully informed. We can ensure you that your data will be handled with high security standards and will only be used for the purposes mentioned within the policies and agreements.

  • If I have an open ticket on the Europe server, will it be serviced or will I need to open a new ticket? Moving forward, where will I need to go to open a new support ticket?

    Open tickets logged before the migration will be serviced through the Nexon Europe CS portal. Once migration is complete, please log tickets through GMS CS portal: :

  • What will happen to the Europe community forums and social channels?

    For the Social Channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, we are in the process of combining those pages into one large global page which will serve the needs of our new Global Service.

  • How will the migration affect future updates and maintenance?

    Updates to our titles within the Global Launcher will continue as they have in the past. There may be some extended maintenances that will occur, but aside from that, service will be updated and have maintenance performed on a similar cadence to our current schedule.

  • Will the European and North American regions culminate in having the same content?

    Once the game migration is completed, the Content and Events will be the same across both regions.