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New 5th Job Skills for All Classes

The 5th job keeps getting better with the addition of new 5th job skills for all character job categories (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate). There will be something for everyone, including Cadena and Illium!

Everyone will receive access to this 5th job skill:

  • Erda Shower: Spray a shower of Erda over your enemies. You’ll also re-absorb some of the Erda to reduce the skill’s cooldown.

All Warrior-based jobs will receive one new 5th job skill:

  • Impenetrable Skin: Consume a little of your HP to harden up your body, allowing you to resist super knockback attempts by enemies.

All Magician-based jobs will receive one new 5th job skill:

  • Ethereal Form: If you find you’re taking too much damage, you can temporarily move to another dimension to escape it. Using the skill again returns you to your original dimension.

All Bowman-based jobs will receive one new 5th job skill:

  • Vicious Shot: Your fatal shot will seek out an enemy’s weakness to deal even more damage.

All Thief-based jobs will receive one new 5th job skill:

  • Last Resort: Your determination increases, allowing you to inflict more final damage on enemies. However your evasion rate decreases and you’ll also take more damage yourself.

All Pirate-based jobs will receive one new 5th job skill:

  • Overdrive: Push your weapons to the max to gain more attack out of them for a limited amount of time. Afterward, the stats on the overcharged weapon will decrease for a little while.

Cadena will have access to two 5th job skills:

  • Chain Arts: Void Strike: Hurl a gigantic chain to strike multiple enemies at once.
  • Apocalypse Cannon: Create a powerful cannon that stores up energy and then fires it at will.

She will also receive access to the new Thief skill, 'Last Resort', as well as several enhancements to her summoned weapons giving her increased final damage, additional monsters hit, an increase to ignore defense.

Illium will have access to three 5th job skills:

  • Crystal Ignition: Create a powerful energy beam that burns all enemies unfortunate enough to be standing in front of you.
  • Reaction - Spectral Blast: Crystal Ignition resonates with the Crystal, enhancing it and creating damaging beams of light that go off in multiple directions at once.
  • Templar Knight: Summon a mechanical creation to attack enemies, using the Gram weapon. If the Crystal is charged, the attack will become more powerful.

He will also receive access to the new Magician skill, 'Ethereal Form', as well as several enhancements to his skills giving him increased final damage, increased critical rate, additional monsters hit, and an increase to ignore defense.

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