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New Playable Character: Illium

On December 20, a brand-new character will be available to play! Meet Illium, who comes from a long line of magical beings. Unfortunately his magic skills are lacking—until he comes in contact with the ancient Crystal and awakens amazing power!

Illium grew up in Grandis, a world parallel to Maple World, and is a descendent of the magical Flora race. Hundreds of years ago, the Flora engaged in a devastating civil war. The High Flora, believing they were superior to all other beings, nearly wiped out the Verdant Flora, who wanted to coexist in harmony with the other races. Illium is one of the last members of the Verdant Flora.

Illium lacks strong magical power until he encounters the Crystal, an ancient artifact that is the only hope of salvation for the Verdant Flora. The Crystal awakens a newfound power within Illium, granting him amazing magical power and transforming everything about him. He becomes a natural leader seeking salvation for the Verdant Flora.

Illium utilizes Magician equipment, and his main stat is Intelligence. You will be able to create a male or female Illium character, along with new hair and face styles to choose from.

The Verdant Flora are deep in hiding from the High Flora, living in the small town of Sanctuary.

Illium's primary weapon, the Lucent Gauntlet, can be used to craft magical weapons and harness the power of the Crystal. When the Crystal is charged with power, he can use his secondary weapon, Lucent Wings, to fly. Illium has powerful skills that deal massive damage to enemies or enhance the abilities of his companions.

Check out some of Illium’s powerful skills!

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