Oct 12, 2016

v.177 – Strange Stories Update Preview

Halloween is here! Play through three ghostly Secret Stories, where your choices influence the ending. Then explore The Afterlands theme dungeon, where the souls of the dead dwell in worlds of their own creation! Other Halloween events are coming too, so get ready to explore the Haunted Mansion, or fight the Elite Pumpkin Zombie. We’re also making lots of system changes and improvements, including overhauling the wedding system, implementing a fishing system, and more! Have a Happy Halloween with Strange Stories!


Play through three Halloween-themed stories, perfect for a spooky night. You can achieve different endings depending on the choices you make. Meet the ghost of Henesys, identify a sneaky assassin, and help a mysterious snow child.


Where do souls go after they die? Venture into the new theme dungeon, The Afterlands, and explore the different worlds that the souls inhabit. Meet the warriors battling in the Land of Warriors and help the greedy souls in the Land of Riches. Bring color and distraction to the Land of Contemplation, and navigate the emotional Land of Innocence where the weather changes on a dime. In order to find your way back to Maple World, you must find all of the keys to open a door in the center of The Afterlands.


Other Halloween events will also be available! Visit the Haunted Mansion and play through a new story featuring the mysterious Masked Gentleman. Look out for a new Elite monster—the Elite Pumpkin Zombie! It drops a Halloween Badge Box and Halloween Spin the Wheel tickets, which can be used to spin the wheel to receive one of three different prize boxes. The Dark Lords of Darkness returns, allowing you to collect items and earn powerful totems and equips!


We’re always trying to make a better Maple, and this month we have lots of improvements! Here are just a few of them:

  • The client size will be reduced by optimizing the video and sound data, and we will be working to improve overall lag
  • Rested EXP coupons (previously only available in Reboot world) will become available in all worlds
  • Quickslots will now show the time remaining on all skill cooldowns

  • You will be able to discard items while you’re engaged in combat, as well as access pets while hanging on ropes and ladders
  • We’ll be running an event that allows you to exchange outdated coins (from past coin-related events) for new coins from a new event
  • Skill bugs affecting certain jobs will be fixed

Make sure to hop in-game after the update to experience these and other improvements!


Start planning those autumn weddings, as we’re making changes to the wedding system! The new wedding system will be much more streamlined, allowing you to get married with the greatest of ease! A new fishing system will also be added. Enter the special fishing area and cast away to collect materials, coins, and EXP each day. Rank up to earn rewards, and collect coins to spend in the fishing shop. 


For the complete patch notes, click here!





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