Oct 11, 2017

An Update on World Leap Issues

Greetings Maplers,

We’d like to address the ongoing issues surrounding the World Leap event. There are two big issues that we’re faced with:

  • Cases of Maplers who were unable to leap due to an issue with their Friendship Ring.
  • Maplers who were unable to leap to Bera due to a sudden error stating a population limit had been reached.

Currently, both issues are being investigated and we will keep everyone informed in regards to the results of the investigation. For those who were unable to leap due to the Friendship Ring issue, there are plans to look into each instance of this case and move legitimate characters to their desired world.

For those who were unable to leap due to the Bera population limit issue, we are working to process the transfer for those who have been investigated. We apologize for these unforeseen issues and ask for your patience as we investigate.

Thank you,

- The MapleStory Team





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