Nov 10, 2017

An Update Regarding Kanna Bans

Over the past weeks, we’ve seen Maplers express their concerns in regards to playing Kanna, due to a risk of potentially getting banned.

We would like to confirm with the community that we fully understand where these concerns stem from. This ultimately led us towards performing extensive investigations into each account during the period of Kanna bans.

After having investigated each case, here is what was decided:

  • Bans from this particular group of Kanna bans were revoked. Any accounts that are still banned after this action are due to illegitimate program detections unrelated to these Kanna bans.
  • Compensation is being planned for all Kanna characters who were previously banned due to this particular detection.
  • Maplers should have no concerns when playing Kanna legitimately moving forward.

We deeply apologize to legitimate Maplers who were caught between our efforts to address the issue of hackers in MapleStory.

We will do our best to avoid these cases from happening again in the future and continue to combat against the usage of illegitimate programs.

Thank you,

- The MapleStory Team





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