Jan 03, 2018

Morass Comes to Arcane River!

Venture beyond Arcana to Morass, the Swamp of Memory! This new region located in the continent of Arcane River takes its appearance from the memories of the people who enter it.

Morass is available to players Lv. 230 and above who have completed the questline in Arcana. Talk to the Flying Fish NPC in Arcana's Cavernous Cavern, and accept the quest ‘The Flow’ to begin.

Morass is a mysterious swamp that takes its appearance from the memories of the people who enter it. As a result you’ll encounter new beings in the form of enemies that you have fought before.

In this strange landscape you will encounter the mysterious Tana.

Her memories have taken over Morass, altering the landscape. In this twisted world, you will take on the role of someone from Tana’s memory.

Learn the truth about Tana and her role in the fate of Kritias by reliving her memories.

You can learn more about Kritias by reading the book, Kritias, The Day's Recollections, that is found in Morass. As you progress, more details will be added to the book.

Complete the quests to receive the new Arcane Symbol: Morass and Chaotic Morass Chair.





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