Feb 02, 2018

Free Market Closing Soon

Please be aware that we will be shutting down the Free Market in an upcoming game update, tentatively scheduled for the end of February. Moving forward, the Auction House and direct player-to-player trade will be the main methods of buying and selling items between players. Improvements will be made to these systems as well.

To prepare for the closure of the Free Market, we will start removing hired merchant and related items from sale in the Cash Shop, beginning this week in the January 31 Cash Shop Update. Please see the item removal schedule below. If you currently have these items in your inventory, please use them before their removal date.

Items Removed on Jan. 31:

  • Mushroom House Elf (30-day duration)
  • Granny's Food Stand (30-day duration)
  • Store Remote Controller (90-day duration)
  • Regular Store Permit (90-day duration)

Items Removed on Feb. 14:

  • Mushroom House Elf (14-day duration)

Items Removed on Feb. 21:

  • Mushroom House Elf (7-day duration)
  • Mushroom House Elf (1-day duration)
  • Cashier: Teddy Bear Clerk (7-day duration)
  • Cashier: Teddy Bear Clerk (1-day duration)
  • Robot Stand (7-day duration)
  • Robot Stand (1-day duration)
  • The Robot Stand (1-day duration)
  • Homely Coffeehouse (7-day duration)
  • Homely Coffeehouse (1-day duration)
  • Granny's Food Stand (7-day duration)
  • Granny's Food Stand (1-day duration)
  • Tiki Torch Store (7-day duration)
  • Tiki Torch Store (1-day duration)

Items Removed on Feb. 28:

  • Meso Minerva Owl (currently sold in NPC shops)

If you received a hired merchant or related item from the Marvel Machine, please redeem the Marvel Machine code and use the item before the removal dates listed above. If you still have unredeemed Marvel Machine codes for these items after the removal dates, we will compensate for the unused codes (more information will be provided later).

Compensation will also be provided for all players with 90-day duration items whose expiration date exceeds the date for the Free Market shutdown. Distribution of this compensation will be provided after the Free Market is shut down.

With this announcement, we expect that there will be many questions regarding the status of future changes and illegitimate activity going on in the Free Market. We will do our best to address any questions or concerns related to this change. Moreover, please note that we will continue to be vigilant in monitoring illegitimate activities and taking action on any accounts found to be performing or encouraging them. We will also continue removing items found to be duplicated illicitly, to ensure the fair balance of equipment in the game and prevent devaluing the efforts of legitimate players.

Please note that we do not condone the usage of exploits, hacks, and real life currency trades under any circumstances. We ask all Maplers to please be highly cautious when engaging in the trading of suspicious items. Compensation for illegitimately generated or illegally purchased items will not be issued and we advise all Maplers to abide by our policy.





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