May 24, 2018

[Updated #6] Known Instability Issues

[Updated June 1 2:35 PM] We are still working on the server instability issue, and will continue to restart certain channels as needed, proactively to prevent the issue from becoming prevalent. Thank you for your patience as we continue to investigate.

[Updated May 30 1:45 PM] We are still troubleshooting the issue, and will continue to restart certain channels as needed. We are proactively restarting select channels before the instability issues become apparent.

[Updated May 29 12:10 PM] We are still investigating the root cause of the server instability issues. In order to reduce the issues, we will continue to restart certain channels as needed. At this time, we are having to restart channels in all worlds except Reboot and Luna.

[Updated May 25 5:30 PM] Unfortunately, we anticipate that the server instability issues may continue into the weekend. We will keep restarting certain channels in Scania, Bera, and Windia throughout the weekend.

[Updated May 25 4:40 PM] We are restarting certain channels on Windia as well.

[Updated May 25] We are still experiencing server instability issues, and will continue to restart certain channels on Scania, Bera, and Windia. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Maplers,

We are aware that some players are experiencing server instability issues in certain worlds including Scania, Bera, and Windia. We will be restarting certain channels on Scania and Bera throughout the day. Please keep an eye out on the slide messages in-game and move to another channel when you see the in-game messages.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Thanks for your patience.

-The MapleStory Team





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