Aug 19, 2015

Murgoth Dungeon: 8/19 – 9/15

Wednesday, August 19 to Tuesday, September 15

Murgoth Dungeon makes a return! Players Lv. 75 and above can venture deep into this dungeon to face off against fierce bosses based on the five jobs of MapleStory. Take on the monsters by yourself in 1v1 mode, or join up with others in 2v2 mode.

Once you get inside, your objective is to find three Soul Shards before your opponent or opposing team. They are scattered throughout the dungeon, so you’ll need to hunt for them. But Murgoth is tricky, and the dungeon’s room arrangement changes each time you enter! Not only that, you need to find them all within the time limit! From the moment you enter, you’ll have 30 minutes to find all the Soul Shards and complete the dungeon.

There are three types of rooms in the dungeon. In Soul Rooms, you will be able to find a desired Soul Shard. In Warp Rooms, you have to clear the room of monsters. In Item Rooms, you can find and utilize helpful items. Because your opponent is also searching, you need to try to get to un-cleared rooms before they do.

Within each room, fierce monsters are waiting for you! Each of the monsters represents the five jobs of MapleStory: Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief, and Pirate. How much damage you can inflict depends on your job versus that of the monster. Once you’ve taken care of all of the monsters, you can open the chest that appears in the middle of the room, and (hopefully) find a Soul Shard.

Earn Murgoth Soul points when you complete the dungeon, which help you to reach different ranks. Whenever you attain a rank, you can receive a reward such as a Soul Enchanter, Reward Points, inventory slot coupons, or a Murgothroid! You can also exchange your Murgoth Soul points for various items from NPC Murgoth or NPC Nine-Tailed Fox. They have both stocked up on hair and face coupons, equip items like Murgoth’s Feather and Spirited Nine Tails, and more!

You can enter up to ten times a day, so make the most of it!





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